Halo: Spartan Assault co-op missions

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Co-op missions
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Halo: Spartan Assault

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Various Forerunner structures

Recommended number of players:

2 players

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Cooperative play


The Halo: Spartan Assault co-op missions form the co-op mode found in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Halo: Spartan Assault. With five missions, the mode focuses on preparing SPARTAN-IVs for the hypothetical return of the Flood. Unlike the campaign mode, which represents a recreation of canonical events, the Flood Missions are pure simulation. Unlike the series' other co-operative modes, Firefight and Spartan Ops, the Flood missions cannot be completed alone; players must play with a co-op partner over Xbox LIVE.

The mode's respawning mechanics work similarly to those in the campaign co-op of the other games in the series. If one player is killed, a countdown begins until they will respawn on their partner. Players can shorten this countdown by purchasing modifiers before the mission begins. Unlike other games, the living player does not have to be out of combat in order for respawning to occur. If both players are killed, the mission will end in failure, and the lead profile will have the option of restarting the mission or quitting.



Today I need to talk to you about November 17, 2552 and the Battle of Kenya. The official story is that the Covenant glassed the area in a sneak attack, killing thousands before we could stop them.

Truth is... we let them do it.

The glassing was a last-ditch attempt to stop an alien infection called the Flood. Had the plan failed... the Earth would have fallen in hours.

Officially the Flood's all gone. Kaput. But if humanity encounters the Flood again, Spartans are our first line of defense.

You need to know what you could be up against, and you need to train to deal with it. I've loaded up a Forerunner-themed test location and set it to be infested by Flood. Good luck, Spartan.