Operation A: Orphic Spear

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Operation A: Orphic Spear
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Halo: Spartan Strike


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Operation A: Orphic Spear is the first operation of Halo: Spartan Strike. This operation is an in-universe simulation of an event that took place during the Battle of Mombasa in 2552, and follows a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers named Alpha-Five on a mission to recover the Conduit; the ODSTs are replaced by a Spartan during the simulation of the operation.[1]

Completing all six missions unlocks the Welcome to New Mombasa achievement.




A Covenant carrier hovers above a city. A Phantom dropship flies rapidly over the city with a Pelican following closely. The scene turns into a hologram as the camera pans into Roland, who salutes the viewer.


2557 C.E.

The scene switches to a devastated street. Two Unggoy and a Wraith advance through the street as the tank is unexpectedly hit by an explosive.

John-117 leaps out of a fire with an assault rifle in hand, firing. A Sangheili is hit in the head by a bullet as his shields flicker.

Several Unggoy minors open fire. John-117 tosses a grenade between the Unggoy and kills them.

  • Roland: But many details of that attack were known only at the highest levels of government... Until now.

As the Unggoy corpses fly in the air, the camera pans into John-117 as he lowers his assault rifle. A Banshee flies above his head as he watches. A Pelican fires a missile barrage at the Banshee as it goes around the corner.

The camera switches to the Solemn Penance above the city as several drop pods approach the from the sky.

  • Roland: While fighting raged throughout the city, Covenant forces secretly hunted for the portal to the Ark. But they were also looking for something else... The operation we'll study today began when we learned the Covenant found an artifact known as the Conduit.

Several pods land and open, revealing several ODSTs of Alpha-Five.

  • Roland: Back in 'fifty-two, we sent a team of ODSTs in to secure the artifact.

A grid outline covers the scene as the ODSTs vanish and are replaced by a Spartan-IV.

  • Roland: Our combat simulation is up and running, so let's see how you do playing through this operation as a lone Spartan. Good luck!

Cutscene ends.