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Alpha-Five[1] was a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers participated in the Battle of Mombasa in an attempt to retrieve the Conduit from the Covenant.[2] Following the Solemn Penance's slipspace jump inside the city the entire squad was presumed dead.


During the battle, the Covenant brought the Conduit—a Forerunner device capable of opening slipspace portals—to New Mombasa.[3] A Spirit dropship carrying a data pad with information pertaining to the Conduit was shot down by UNSC forces.[4] When the data pad's relevance to the Conduit was realized by the UNSC, this ODST squad was sent to recover it.[3] Covenant forces awaiting extraction at the crashed Spirit were attacked by the ODST squad and the Sangheili Field Master carrying the data pad was killed. With the data pad, the UNSC used the information gained to pinpoint the location of the Conduit in the city.[5] The ODST squad was directed to a Sangheili task force carrying the Conduit. After a brief engagement, the ODSTs managed to procure the Conduit from the Covenant and the device was delivered to a nearby UNSC convoy.[6]

The Covenant responded by assaulting the convoy with waves of infantry. Though the ODST squad and several Marines attempted to defend the convoy from attacking Covenant forces, a Sangheili Field Master dropped down from his Spirit into the Elephant carrying the Conduit, retrieved the device, and escaped the engagement aboard the dropship. The ODSTs gave chase and,[7] eventually, the Spirit was shot down. The squad located the dropship's crash site and attacked its surviving occupants. When the Field Master and his Kig-Yar bodyguards were eventually eliminated, the Conduit was reclaimed by the UNSC.[8] The ODSTs took the Conduit aboard a Warthog and were ordered to leave the city as the nearby Solemn Penance entered slipstream space over Mombasa.[9] When the resulting slipspace rupture destroyed the city, the ODSTs were presumed dead and the Conduit was believed to have been destroyed as well.[10] However, the Conduit entered slipspace to save itself from destruction and arrived at Installation 03.[11]

The squad's mission in New Mombasa was later featured as a training simulation in the UNSC Tactical Simulator, albeit with a lone Spartan-IV in the place of the ODSTs.[3]


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