Reversal of Fortune

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Wounded Quarry

Reversal of Fortune
Reversal of Fortune.png


Halo: Spartan Strike


Unidentified Spartan-IV


October 20, 2552(Actual events)
December 2557(Simulation)


New Mombasa, Kenya, Earth


Retain possession of the Conduit

Spartan Strike scores

HSA Star Gold.png120,000 • HSA Star Silver.png90,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png55,000

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Reversal of Fortune is the fourth mission of Halo: Spartan Strike. A Spartan-IV must defend a Forerunner artifact called the Conduit from a Covenant frontal assault at the UNSC green zone it has been taken to.


Enraged the Conduit has been taken from them, the Covenant are preparing an all out attack to regain it. Hold onto the Conduit by any means necessary.


The Spartan-IV gets in a machine gun, ready to defend the green zone from Covenant attackers. An ODST stands behind the street blockade next to the Elephant that contains the Conduit.

Two Banshees strafe run above the intersection, firing several round on the Elephant. Dozens of Unggoy and Sangheili begin their attack.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "I've got a Hornet en route to extract you. Protect the Conduit, Spartan!"

⚠ Survive until the Hornet arrives

Heavy fire is exchanged between the UNSC forces and the Covenant. suicide Unggoy squads try to reach the green zone. A drop pod lands in the middle of the intersection with a Sangheili minor inside.

A Spirit dropship sets just above the Elephant. As its bay doors open, a Sangheili Commander jumps out and onto of the Elephant. Several explosions occour inside and the Sangheili exits through a hatch with the Conduit.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The frontal attack is a feint!!"

The Sangheili gets back into the dropship and it begins to take off. Many more explosions happen in the Elephant as it is ultimately destroyed.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The attack was just a distraction! The Conduit is aboard that Spirit! Get after it!"

⚠ Enter the Warthog

A few more Covenant continue to attack. The assault ends with their deaths.

The Spartan-IV leaves the green zone and enters a Warthog, then begins chasing the Spirit.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "There's the Spirit!"

An unidentified Spartan-II runs out of the building the Warthog was parked by and fires a rocket at the spirit before getting on a Hornet to leave.

⚠ Chase the Spirit

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "That'll slow 'em down. Keep on that Spirit."

The Spartan-IV takes a detour through the side of the street after finding the security blockades in place. Three Minors are killed in the way.

The Spartan finds the path blocked again soon after, this time by a wrecked Wraith and cars

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The 'Hog's gun is rigged so you can control it from your helmet, Spartan. Make good use of it!."

⚠ Destroy the barricade

The barricade is destroyed and the Spartan moves into a large plaza where Covenant forces are fighting against Marines. ODSTs on the street below are being attacked by Unggoy. Another ODST attempts to eliminate more Covenant defending themselves from within a building.

⚠ Chase the Spirit

The Spartan reaches a street blockade controlled by Marines.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The Marines can't lower their barricades until the plaza is clear."

⚠ Clear the area

The Spartan drives back in the plaza. A Spirit drops an Unggoy squad led by two Sangheili Minors near a Shade turret while a different Spirit drops more troops near the first Marine group. More Unggoy exit the large building in the area.

Eventually all Covenant forces are terminated and the Marines lower the street blockade.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "The Plaza is clear. Checkpoint's open. Get out of here!"

⚠ Move past the checkpoint

The Spartan drives past the checkpoint and into the highway.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Looks like the Spirit went down in a plaza west of here."

Covenant troops and Ghosts on the highway attack the Spartan.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "My guess is they're waiting for a rescue ship. Get there first!"

⚠ Chase the Spirit

The Spartan keeps driving through the highway towards the plaza, encountering move Unggoy swarming the area. An ODST outpost is under attack. One of the ODSTs mans a machine gun turret in the highway and is suddenly crushed by a Covenant drop pod.

Further along the highway, several ODST squads are seen fighting Covenant forces. Upon finally reaching the plaza, another Spirit dropship takes off, supposedly with the Conduit aboard.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Too late! They're taking the Conduit deeper into the city."

Covenant forces are swarming the area and attack the Spartan and two ODSTs at the center of the plaza.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "They drew you in here to trap you. Gonna have to fight your way clear."

⚠ Survive the Covenant trap

Dozens of Covenant troops attack the UNSC forces in the plaza. Several Ghosts join the attack.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Hold on, Spartan. Friendly reinforcements are inbound!."

Three SOEIV pods land in the plaza and the ODSTs that came in them begin helping to defend the area. Eventually Covenant troops stop arriving.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Fight your way clear of that plaza, Spartan!"

⚠ Kill all remaining Covenant

The UNSC forces manage to secure the plaza.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "That's all of them!."
  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "If you hurry, you can catch the damaged Spirit!."


Level ends

Assault Ops[edit]

Assault Op 1[edit]

Destroy 2 Shade Turrets with the Warthog machine gun.

Assault Op 2[edit]

Kill 15 Grunt Minors with the Warthog

Assault Op 3[edit]

Destroy 8 Ghosts with the Warthog Machine gun


  • The unidentified Spartan-II that damages the Spirit with a rocket launcher is one of several unexplained Spartan-II appearances throughout the game.