On Top of the World

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New Mombasa Nightmare



On Top of the World
On Top of the Wrold.png


Halo: Spartan Strike


Unidentified Spartan-IV


October 20, 2552(Actual events)
December 2557(Simulation)


New Mombasa, Kenya, Earth


Retrieve the Covenant data pad

Spartan Strike scores

HSA Star Gold.png35,000 • HSA Star Silver.png25,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png15,000

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On Top of the World is the second mission of Halo: Spartan Strike. The mission takes place on a highrise in New Mombasa where a Spartan-IV has been sent to retrieve a Covenant data pad.


The downed Covenant Spirit is on the far side of the high-rise roof. Covenant forces have dug in, awaiting extraction. Retrieve the data pad from the Covenant Commander.


The Spartan-IV stands outside the elevator at the top of a high-rise. Two ODSTs stand guard among several dead Unggoy.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Ready up, Spartan. The data pad is near a downed Spirit at the other side of the roof."

⚠ Navigate acrros the rooftops

Several Banshees chase Sparrowhawks around the building. A Pelican dropship carrying a Scorpion tank flies nearby, headed towards a large bridge in the distance. A Scarab is seen crossing the same bridge.

The Spartan-IV moves into a Covenant outpost. An Unggoy squad opens fire, but are killed moments later. A second Unggoy squad arrives from inside the building and are also defeated by the Spartan.

Upon reaching the next area, the Spartan is met by several Unggoy Minors.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "You are about to run into heavy resistance! Use your armor ability to stay alive."

The Spartan-IV eliminates every Unggoy in the area, and reaches a large gap between the two towers.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Call the elevator so you can cross to the other tower."

⚠ Call the elevator

The Spartan does as told, and is attacked by Yanme'e right after.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Hold on, Spartan. The elevator's on its way."

⚠ Hold out

More Yanme'e start flying up to the rooftop.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Covenant counter-attack! Hold them off until the elevator arrives."

Spirit dropships approach to the rooftop and begin dropping off Unggoy squads. More Yanme'e continue to arrive.

The elevator reaches the top of the tower while the Spartan is under fire.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "There's the elevator. Move, Spartan!"

⚠ Reach the crashed Spirit

The Spartan crosses to the next tower. Several Unggoy and a Sangheili Minor attack the Spartan-IV.

Two Scorpion tanks come into view, down below on the bridge. A Phantom flies next to the bridge, firing at the tanks, while many Ghosts are blown up by the Scorpions in a frontal assault.

After killing the Covenant opposition, the Spartan reaches a barricade,

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "No go! You'll need a satchel charge to take that barrier out. I've got a Hornet nearby with a satchel. Clear hostiles from the area so he can land!"

⚠ Clear the area

A Yanme'e squad arrives to the rooftop and are quickly dispatched by the Spartan.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Get the satchel charge from the Hornet. It's more than enough to blow that enemy barricade."

⚠ Retrieve the satchel

The Hornet lands, and the Spartan takes the explosive charge.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Great! Plant the satchel and get to cover!"

⚠ Plant the satchel charge

The Spartan-IV plants the satchel charge on the barricade. A few seconds later, the explosion destroys it.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "All clear! An Elite Commander is about to recover the module. Take him out!"

⚠ Take out the Elite Commander

The Spartan reaches the farthest structure and is imediately fired upon by an Unggoy on a Shade turret. The Unggoy is killed, and the Spartan arrives at the crash site. An Unggoy and a Sangheili Commander attack the Spartan, and are killed. The data pad is dropped by the dead Sangheili.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "He's down! Secure that data pad, Spartan."

⚠ Retrieve the data pad

Two Yanme'e arrive to the area and open fire. The Spartan kills them, and recovers the data pad from the dead Sangheili.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Return to the Hornet for extraction!"

⚠ Return to the Hornet

The Spartan-IV quickly departs the area and finds several Spirit dropships dropping off Unggoy squads and even more reinforcements already on the roof-top. More Covenant exit the building's interior.

The Spartan manages to reach the Hornet after dealing with the Covenant troops. The Hornet takes off.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "We're extracting the Conduit's location from the data pad as we speak. Great work, Spartan!"


Level ends

Assault Ops[edit]

Assault Op 1[edit]

Kill 10 Drones with a Magnum

Assault Op 2[edit]

Destroy 4 Shade Turrets with grenades

Assault Op 3[edit]

Kill 6 Elite Minors with an Assault Rifle



  • This missions takes place simultaneously with the beginning of the Halo 2 level Metropolis.

Easter Eggs[edit]

  • The Pelican dropship seen at the start of the mission is intended to be the same dropship Sergeant Major Avery Johnson uses to deliver the Scorpion tank to John-117 and the remaining Marine forces on the bridge in Halo 2.