Operation C: Valiant Hammer

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Operation B: Steadfast Pursuit


Operation D: Adamantine Shield

Operation C: Valiant Hammer


Halo: Spartan Strike


Operation C: Valiant Hammer is the third operation of Halo: Spartan Strike. This operation is an in-universe simulation of the Battle of Installation 03, following a Spartan Headhunter's attempt to recover the Conduit.[1]




The data recovered from the terminal on Gamma Halo yielded shocking intel. The Conduit could open Forerunner portals across the galaxy... And not only that, it was able to enter slipspace to save itself from destruction!

Driven by religious fervor and a thirst for power, the Covenant never gave up searching for the artifact... And they found it moments before we did.

They brought it to a place they called "the Altar". Their plan: use the Conduit to open portals for Prometheans to invade Gamma Halo... Giving the Covenant control of the Halo ring. They were confident of imminent victory... But they didn't know a Spartan was coming for 'em!