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On Top of the World


Reversal of Fortune



Halo: Spartan Strike


Unidentified Spartan-IV


October 20, 2552(Actual events)
December 2557(Simulation)


New Mombasa, Kenya, Earth


Secure the Conduit

Spartan Strike scores

HSA Star Gold.png80,000 • HSA Star Silver.png65,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png45,000

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Conduit is the third mission of Halo: Spartan Strike. A Spartan-IV is sent to retrieve a Forerunner artifact called the Conduit from the Covenant and take it back to UNSC forces.

Keeping the Elephant 100% intact throughout the level unlocks the I Am Your Shield achievement.


The UNSC used the data pad to locate the Conduit. Its in the hands of an Elite unit pinned down by UNSC forces. Secure the Conduit before Covenant reinforcements arrive.


The Spartan-IV stands in the middle of a street. A Hornet close by takes off.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Spartan, we've located the Conduit just north of you. As we feared, it's already in Covenant hands."

An ODST operating a machine gun unleashes a stream of bullets upon a Covenant lance. A Warthog followed by an Elephant wait at the center of the plaza with an ODST squad protecting the area.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Find them, take them out and secure the artifact. I've got a convoy standing by to extract you."

⚠ Retrieve the Conduit

The Spartan begins attacking the Covenant forces. Several Unggoy Minors, one of them on a Shade turret are protecting the Sangheili Commander who is guarding the Conduit. Eventually the Spartan comes to face the Sangheili face to face.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "That Elite has the Conduit. Take him out!"

A Spirit approaches the area and drops Unggoy reinforcements. The Spartan-IV and the Sangheili battle each other, and the Sangheili is defeated. Additional Unggoy arrive in a Covenant drop pod.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Well done, Spartan. No time to loose, get that artifact to the convoy and move out!"

The Spartan-IV takes the Conduit and begins fighting the remaining Covenant forces.

⚠ Deliver the Conduit to the Convoy

Another Spirit dropship deploys an Unggoy squad in the plaza. ODSTs and the Unggoy fight each other.

The Spartan reaches the convoy and delivers the Conduit to UNSC forces at the back of the Elephant.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Nice! Now jump on the Warthog's gun and go loud!"

⚠ Man the Warthog gun turret

The Spartan-IV gets in the Warthog turret and the convoy starts moving.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Run interference for the Elephant until you're back in the UNSC green zone."

⚠ Escort the Elephant

A Covenant squad drop from a Spirit and begin attacking the convoy. The Spartan successfuly defends the Elephant from the first attackers.

Eventually the convoy reaches a blocked UNSC checkpoint with Unggoy roaming nearby.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "UNSC checkpoint. Out guys must've been overrun."

The Unggoy attack the convoy and are gunned down by the Spartan.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Hop out. Barricade controls are on the other side."

⚠ Lower the barricade

The Spartan gets off the machine gun and moves to the barricade controls to clear the path.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Get back on that gun, Spartan."

⚠ Escort the Elephant

The Spartan gets back to the Warthog and the convoy begins moving again. Several suicide Unggoy attempt to reach the convoy and destroy it.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Watch the grunts!"

On the street below, three Unggoy are rammed by another Warthog, which stops after killing them. A Spartan-II operating the machine gun opens fire at a Phantom that is chasing the Warthog.

The convoy is attacked by more Unggoy and Sangheili until they reach another checkpoint.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Another checkpoint. Get that barricade down."

More suicide Unggoy comes from an alley and are killed by the Spartan.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Take the alleys to the south to reach the controls."

⚠ Lower the barricade

The Spartan leaves the convoy once more and enters the alleys. Two Unggoy and a Sangheili Minor are killed after firing at the Spartan. Deeper into the alleys, two ODSTs on a rofftop are pinned down by the Covenant, and two other ODSTs can be seen defending a tunnel from two Sangheili. The Spartan finds and kills an Unggoy squad in the same area.

Upon crossing a small glass bridge the Spartan arrives at a courtyard. ODSTs and several Unggoy squads fight for control of the area and every Unggoy is evenatually killed.

The Spartan-IV enters another alley that leads back to the street. Two Unggoy can be seen fleeing from two ODSTs on a bridge between two buildings. Ahead, another ODST is attacked by several Unggoy and Yanme'e. The Covenant troops are killed afterwards and the Spartan moves to the barricade control to lower it.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Great. Move out, Spartan!"

⚠ Escort the Elephant

The Spartan heads back to the convoy gets in the Warthog. They begin moving again. Several Sangheili and suicide Unggoy attack the convoy and are eliminated by the Saprtan. The convoy reaches the final checkpoint. A single ODST is left standing near an overrun alley.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Last barricade before the UNSC green zone, Spartan. Almost home."

⚠ Lower the barricade

A suicide Unggoy attempts to kill the Spartan and perishes. Moving forward, a few Unggoy patrol the area around a Shade turret and several Unggoy and Yanme'e attack a UNSC outpost that the Spartan helps defend while moving through. Another ODST is pinned down at a rooftop. Several Yanme'e roam the courtyard below.

The Spartan-IV reaches the street once more and after fighting a group of Yanme'e, lowers the last barricde.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Nearly there, Spartan. Get that Conduit home safe!"

⚠ Escort the Elephant

The convoy starts moving once more after the Spartan gets back into the Warthog gun. A suicide Unggoy squad attempt to destroy the convoy yet again and are all killed.

As the convoy approaches the green zone, a drop pod lands in the intersection ahead of them. The two suicide Unggoy that exit from it don't last long and the convoy finally reaches the UNSC cotrolled area.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Good work, Spartan. The Conduit is in the UNSC green zone."


Level ends

Assault Ops[edit]

Assault Op 1[edit]

Kill 10 Drones with a Shotgun

Assault Op 2[edit]

Kill 4 Elite Minors with a Shotgun

Assault Op 3[edit]

Kill 50 Grunts with an Assault Rifle


  • The unidentified Spartan-II gunner on the Warthog being chased by a Phantom is one of several unexplained Spartan-II appearances throughout the game.