Signal Fires

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Signal Fires
SS M8 Infobox.png


Halo: Spartan Strike


Unidentified Spartan-IV


July 2557(Actual events)
December 2557(Simulation)


Installation 03


Clear Covenant drop zones.

Spartan Strike scores

HSA Star Gold.png95,000 • HSA Star Silver.png85,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png70,000

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Signal Fires is the eight mission of Halo: Spartan Strike and the second of Operation B: Steadfast Pursuit. A Spartan-IV must clear Covenant drop zones to help track down the Conduit.


With the Covenant signal jammers eliminated, ONI analysts are closing in on the Conduit's unique frequency pattern - but it's still too weak to pinpoint. Clear drop zones for signals amplification devices to help locate the Conduit.


The Spartan-IV begins standing at a drop pod.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "To boost the Conduit's signal, we need three drop zones cleared for signal beacons. I'll set a waypoint for the first one."

⚠ Reach the first drop zone

The Spartan makes his way to the first drop zone fighting through Covenant, with the option of a Ghost to assist him.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Clear the first drop zone of all Covenant."

⚠ Secure the first drop zone

After the Spartan clears the first site.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Well done. We're dropping the beacon. Stand clear!"

A beacon then lands in the first drop zone

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Now get to the next drop zone, Spartan."

⚠ Reach the next drop zone

Once the spartan fight through a group of Covenant to the next drop zone.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "I'm detecting enemy fuel rod turrets in the area. Take them out so we can drop the beacon!"

⚠ Destroy the fuel rod turrets

Once the fuel rod turrets are destroyed

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Incoming beacon!"

Once the beacon lands in the second site

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Clear the next drop zone. One more beacon and we can pinpoint the Conduit's signal."

⚠ Reach the last drop zone

Once the spartan reaches the final drop zone.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Heads up! Covenant incoming!"

⚠ Secure the last drop zone

Once the Covenant in the drop zone are cleared.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "Final beacon dropping. Stand by!"

Once the final beacon lands in the third site.

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "We're getting a stronger signal from the Conduit. It's close. Look around, Spartan."

⚠ Follow the Conduit signal

Once the spartan approaches the signal location

  • Lieutenant Kwon (COM): "There! Heavy artillery could take out the power core to that gate."


Level ends

Assault Ops[edit]

Assault Op 1[edit]

Destroy 2 Ghosts with grenades

Assault Op 2[edit]

Kill 8 Jackals with melee attacks

Assault Op 3[edit]

Kill 25 Elites with a rifle