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Were you looking for the M95 or M97 Lance missile batteries?
A standard combat lance of the Covenant

A lance is an organizational unit of the Covenant military,[1] and later its various successor factions.



Under the Covenant's military, a lance was a grouping of low-ranking or low-caste warriors, led by an officer.[1]


A lance was smaller in size than a file,[2] while levies of low-ranking Unggoy may be organized into combat lances under the command of a Sangheili.[3] A lance is roughly the equivalent of a fireteam in terms of composition;[4] lances have occasionally been described as analogous to squads,[3] though a file serves as a better comparison to a squad than a lance does.[4]


Brute lance[edit]

This lance comprises of Jiralhanae.[5]


A demi-lance is a type of lance, dissimilar to a standard combat lance in terms of composition; a group of two Zealots led by a Field Marshal could constitute a demi-lance.[1]

Science lance[edit]

A science lance was a variation of a lance formed to recover and examine captured technology. A science lance was deployed to Damascus Materials Testing Facility on Chi Ceti IV in 2525, following the Battle of Chi Ceti.[6]

Storm lance[edit]

This lance comprises of storm units.[7]

Notable Lances[edit]

  • Shields of Requiem Lance[8]
  • Swords of Sangheilios Combat lance[9]


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