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A file is an organizational unit of the Covenant's military, consisting of low-tier warriors under the command of an officer.[1]



A file is an administrative grouping of low-tier warriors under the command of an officer.[1] The commander of the file is referred to as a "file leader".[2]

A file is larger than a lance, with a single file of Unggoy being more dangerous than a combat lance; a single Pnap-pattern Goblin is considered more powerful than a lance of Unggoy, but not a file of similar composition.[3] A file is roughly analogous to a squad;[4] some definitions compare lances to squads,[5] though they are actually more comparable to the smaller fireteams.[1][4]


The composition of a file is quite diverse, ranging from five Unggoy led by an Unggoy,[6] to around twenty Kig-Yar led by an Unggoy,[2] to five Special Operations Sangheili led by an Officer.[7]

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