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A legion is a generic term for a type of military unit found within the military forces of the former Covenant empire, and its successor states.


Within the armed forces of the Covenant, legions were large administrative groupings of warriors commanded by a high-ranking officer such as a General.[1][2] They consisted of large combined-arms forces that typically encompassed all of the personnel and materiel deployed into a given region, though for practical reasons warships rated as cruiser or larger generally deployed their forces as multiple legions.[3]


Warrior crèches[edit]

A warrior crèche is a type of legion supposedly staffed by young warriors, though they could still attain considerable distinction in combat. Warrior crèches are carried aboard Covenant fleets should any ground actions be needed.[5]


Legions are a kind of military unit employed within the Banished, and consist of clans awarded particular distinction due to their reputation in conflict. They are led by Chieftains or Warlords granted the title Legionmaster, who are entrusted with increased freedom to operate independently by their war chief, provided they are able to achieve their assigned goals.[6]

The Legion of the Corpse-Moon and the Clan of the Ravaged Tusks are both legions within the Banished led respectively by legionmasters Deukalion and Ballas.[7]

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