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A legion is a generic term for a type of military unit. The term was originally used to describe an infantry unit in Ancient Rome; the general size of these units fluctuated during the military history of the Roman Empire between approximately 4,500 and 5,200 soldiers, the equivalent of large regiments or brigades in the UNSC Army and Marine Corps.[1][2]


"Combined-arms forces, usually encompassing all warriors and vehicles deployed to a specific region. As a practical mater, ships of a cruiser size and above deployed their forces as two or more legions."
— Description of Covenant legions[3]

In the Covenant military, a legion was a large administrative grouping of warriors commanded by a high-ranking officer. Legions were expected to operate as a combined-arms force. While typically non-permanent formations, warhosts that proved their skill in battle were occasionally adopted by legions.[4] Legions are commanded by Sangheili generals.[5]


Warrior crèches[edit]

A warrior crèche is a type of legion supposedly staffed by young warriors, though they could still attain considerable distinction in combat. Warrior crèches are carried aboard Covenant fleets should any ground actions be needed.[7]


The Banished, an organization of mercenary raiders,[8] had several legions whose Legionmasters report directly to a War Chief. Legions were composed of around 9,000 to 20,000 infantry each,[9] and were mostly large mercenary clans. Standard clans were often led by Warlords, and numbered around 100 to 1000 infantry.[10] Legions and clans occasionally mixed and shared troops across other legions and clans. For example, smaller Jiralhanae clans such as the Exodus Guard and the Long Shields were known to have used forces from the Sangheili Let 'Volir's clan,[11][12] and Let 'Volir's clan were known to have used forces from Jiralhanae clans.[13]

Legions and clans[edit]


In translated Forerunner records, the term legion is used in reference to a type of Warrior-Servant organizational unit.[22]

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