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Plaplap is a Unggoy jockey in service of the Banished, and a member of their Bloodstars, with the title of Plasmablaster. He is part of the 2nd Lance, 5th Combat Element, and a member of the Builders of the Hollow Moons.


Born on High Charity late into the Human-Covenant War, Plaplap was well known through the lower districts of the holy city for his mechanical skills. He would often tinker with bits of machinery to help the other Unggoy. It was because of this that when he escaped High Charity during its fall to the Flood and fled to a Colony world that acted as a refuge for many Unggoy. Plaplap would be among those who would help to improve the life of the colony with his technical expertise, eventually becoming a member of the newly formed clan the Builders of the Hollow Moons, named after Balaho's moons.

However, that soon came to change with the rise of the Created. When the Unggoy of the colony refused to blow, Cortana sent a Guardian to decimate the planet. Only Plaplap and a handful of other Grunts would be the only survivors. Eager for revenge against the Created, Plaplap recalled hearing about the Banished and finding them appealing. He and the survivors would seek out Escharum pledged their loyalty to the Banished in exchange for the materials needed for Plaplap to build his own Goblin.

After the Battle of Installation 07, between the fall of the UNSC Infinity and the return of the Master Chief, Plaplap brought his custom Goblin to battle against the lingering UNSC forces, the Ring's Sentinel defenses and any Created remnants that were on the Ring after Cortana's death and the Ring's fragmentation. He would then seek to use the metal from salvaged UNSC vehicles and Forerunner scraps to attempt construction of more Goblins for the Banished.


Because of his technological prowess, Plaplap often proclaims himself to be "Smartest of the Grunts". However, like many other Grunts, he will often crumble in fear in the presence of the Jiralhanae of the Banished, especially those of higher rank than him. Despite this, he will often make remarks about them when he knows they won't hear him. While Plaplap is more than content with this, he also holds aspirations to get respect. In addition to his skill in mechanics, he believes that becoming part of the Bloodstars and hopefully a Spartan Killer will be another way of getting the respect he thinks he deserves.


Plaplap pilots his custom Goblin mech into battle. The main difference between his and other Banished Goblins was the Barukaza Workshop Scarab Focus Cannon jury-rigged onto where the Heavy needle cannon would be. The cannon's fire can easily melt through a Spartan's shields, if not outright kill them, due to its power. However, because of that, the cannon can only fire in short bursts without overheating. In addition, focused fire on the weapon with weapons like the Type-56 needler or the M41 SPNKR can cause it to explode, causing significant damage. The Goblin is also equipped with other weaponry including a Plasmastorm Launcher on the back of the mech, a Power Wrist, and an EMP stomp. Other abilities include Stabilizing Thrusters and Energy Shields.