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Other role(s):

Jiralhanae Stalkers
Special Operations Sangheili



Notable individuals:

First Blade Tel 'Szatulai


The Bloodstars were a Special Operations Kai'd in the Covenant Empire, composed of Jiralhanae Stalkers and Special Operations Sangheili commanded by Sangheili First Blade Tel 'Szatulai from the Silent Shadow during the Human-Covenant War in 2526.[1][2]


Like the Silent Shadow the Bloodstars wore dark red armor.[2] During the Human-Covenant War the group were tasked to find and destroy Demons. When they captured a squad of ODSTs and interrogated them for three days, they learned the rumor that the SPARTAN-II program had abducted children as their subjects.[1]

During Operation: SILENT STORM in 2526, the Bloodstars assisted the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience against Task Force Yama. The Bloodstars were originally meant to meet with Insurrectionist leaders on Seoba, but the leaders were captured by UNSC forces who were performing a training exercise on the moon. Recognizing that the human Prowlers had more sophisticated cloaking technology, the Bloodstar leader, First Blade Tel 'Szatulai had the Bloodstar flotilla shoot down the UNSC Starry Night to study the ship, igniting the Battle of Seboa. Task Force Yama managed to destroy two of the flotilla's Intrusion corvettes while a third was destroyed by the Spartans activating the Starry Night's self-destruct as the corvette pulled the Prowler into its landing bay. However, two of the corvettes survived due to Hector Nyeto purposefully holding off his attack in an attempt to get the Spartans killed by the Covenant.[3]

During the Attack on Zhoist at the end of Operation: SILENT STORM, 'Szatulai led his Bloodstars onto the Ring of Mighty Abundance after realizing that the Spartans were boarding it. 'Szatulai realized too late that the Spartans had managed to sneak around them and led his Bloodstars into a confrontation with them in one of the fabrication barns for the under-construction Covenant supercarrier Hammer of Faith. As John-117 and Kelly-087 prepared to use the barn's gravity lifts to throw a pair of activated HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons onto the supercarrier, the Bloodstar Sangheili forces began emerging from the lifts in pairs and ignored the HAVOKs in favor of attacking Blue Team. Frederic-104 was able to kill several with an M41 SPNKR while Linda-058 took out more with an M99 Stanchion. As the battle raged between Blue Team and the Bloodstars, 'Szatulai attacked John in close quarters combat and nearly bested him. John eventually managed to overpower 'Szatulai and he was killed when Kelly blew 'Szatulai's head off with John's M90 shotgun.[4]

Though the Sangheili Bloodstar forces on the Ring of Mighty Abundance were killed, Castor and Orsun didn't emerge from the gravity lifts until after everyone else was dead. Rather than engaging the fleeing Spartans, the two Jiralhanae fled in Banshees before the HAVOKs destroyed the Hammer of Faith. Castor and Orsun were able to reach a stable orbit around Zhoist before the detonation and were picked up by the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience where they reported the death of 'Szatulai and the failure to kill any of the Spartans.[5]

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