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Biographical information


December 16, 2553

Cause of death:

Blown up by Bartalan Craddog


Krelis (son)[1]

Personal details





Hair color:

Mottled gray[1]

Political and military information




Orsun was a Jiralhanae captain serving with the Covenant and later in the Keepers of the One Freedom. Serving alongside Castor for much of his career within the Covenant military, Orsun later became Castor's second-in-command when the latter ascended to the status of Dokab within the Keepers.[2]


Serving the First Blade[edit]

By early 2526, Orsun served within the Covenant military as a Stalker within the Bloodstars of the Bloodstar Flotilla. At this time, he served alongside a young Castor and the two them were led by First Blade Tel 'Szatulai of the Silent Shadow.[3] In March 2526, the flotilla was sent to Seoba, one of the moons of the human colony of Biko. There they would meet with Insurrectionists that intended to trade UNSC secrets for their continued survival.[4] However, when the flotilla arrived at Seoba, they found a UNSC task force occupying the moon.[5] The ensuing battle resulted in the destruction of three of the flotilla's five intrusion corvettes, forcing 'Szatulai to retreat just as the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience arrived to assault Biko.[6]

As they retreated, a lone human transport began trailing the Sacred Whisper, 'Szatulai's flagship. After he realized that the only ones foolish enough to chase after a Covenant warship in such a poorly armed craft would be the insurgents that they had come to meet, 'Szatulai had his corvette dock with the vessel. The First Blade took Orsun and Castor with him to board the transport, but he ordered them leave their weapons behind. Orsun objected to the order, telling 'Szatulai that it was madness and that they could not protect him against the hundreds of humans that could be aboard the transport if they were not armed. The Sangheili rebuked him, saying that he did not need their protection and that they were simply there to make a point to the Insurrectionists. Castor was similarly bewildered, but followed the order with more grace than Orsun. 'Szatulai also ordered them say nothing while aboard, and to only kill one or two humans if they must.[3]

When the airlock connecting the vessels opened, they were greeted by a group of armed Insurrectionists, each with their weapons trained on them. 'Szatulai stared at their leader's weapon until he took the hint, ordering his men to lower their weapons. After they all lowered their rifles, the man led the three of them to the forward briefing compartment. The vessel's winding corridors were spacious by human standards, but the armored shoulders of Orsun and Castor consistently scraped the bulkheads and their heads kept thumping against the ceiling. As the group followed the transport's winding corridors, 'Szatulai noticed a man recording them with a data pad. He simply pointed at the device and Orsun lashed out with his fist, shattering the data pad sent the man holding it into the arms of those behind him, limp and bloodied. After that there were no more disruptions on their way to the briefing compartment. When they arrived, they found a group of humans that were all watching a particularly nervous man holding a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon. The man, named Erland Booth, demanded that 'Szatulai call off on the attack on Biko or he would detonate the nuke. However, 'Szatulai simply approached Booth with a hand extended. While the man was confused by his actions, the First Blade swept the nuke out of his arms and used it to cave in Booth's skull, killing him instantly. A woman named Petora Zoyas and General Harper Garvin rushed over and managed to defuse the nuke, offering it to 'Szatulai as a token of their goodwill. Accepting the gift, he gave it to Orsun as Garvin began explaining how the ordeal at Seoba had not been their doing. He also offered another gift, a data card that contained schematics for the Spartans' MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. 'Szatulai motioned for Castor to take the data card and Garvin promised that they would continue to gather and share more information on the Spartans with them if the Covenant helped the Insurrectionists take control of Biko. 'Szatulai made a gesture of agreement and returned to the Sacred Whisper with Orsun and Castor, taking Zoyas with them to facilitate communications with Garvin in the future.[3]

During the space battle over Biko, a detachment of ODSTs from the 21st Space Assault Battalion attempted to board the Purifying Flame, but they were ultimately captured before they could destroy the vessel. Mind melters were ordered to interrogate the ODSTs, though they saw little success. Their resistance to interrogation led Tel 'Szatulai to order Orsun and Castor to get information by any means necessary. The two Jiralhanae played a "game" they called "tossers" with the prisoners, tearing the limbs off of some of the captives in such a way that it would not kill them immediately, requiring their companions to help them eat, drink, and eliminate. However, before they ran out of prisoners, all that they could get out of the ODSTs was the names of the twelve Spartans attached to their battle group, the name of the battle group, as well as the name of the battalion in which the ODSTs serve.[7]

When the UNSC task force launched an attack on Zhoist, Orsun and Castor encountered Blue Team on the Ring of Mighty Abundance, where the Spartans had already been engaged by Tel 'Szatulai. By the time the two arrived, 'Szatulai and all of his Sangheili warriors were dead and the two Jiralhanae quickly fled in Banshees before Blue Team's nuclear weapons detonated, surviving to make their report to the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience.[8]

Continued service[edit]

Following this conflict, Orsun continued to serve alongside Castor—as well as a young Atriox—as Stalkers in the Bloodstars. They would be tasked with hunting down and killing Spartans.[9] At some point, Orsun and Castor captured and interrogated a squad of ODSTs for three days, and they learned of the rumor that the Spartan-II program had abducted children to use as its subjects.[9] As the Human-Covenant War raged on, Orsun found time to father a child, a son that would be named Krelis.[1]

Keepers of the One Freedom[edit]

Once the war came to an end, Orsun joined the Keepers of the One Freedom alongside Castor, who himself rose to the title of Dokab. He participated in the Gao conflict in July 2553.[10] After the conflict, he continued to serve as Castor's second-in-command as the Keepers rebuilt their strength at Salvation Base until its destruction. While chasing Papa-10 to Pinnacle Station above Meridian, Orsun was killed by an M19 missile fired into the True Light by Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog as Orsun emerged from the vessel.[11]

Physical description[edit]

Orsun's fur was a mottled gray.[1] His face had a leathery muzzle and long tusks, a combination that made for a ferocious-looking face.[3]

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