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Biographical information


October 14, 2559

Cause of death:

Shot by Ash-G099 and Olivia-G291


Orsun (Father)

Personal details






Just over 300 centimeters (9 ft 10 in)[1]

Eye color:


Political and military information





Krelis was a Jiralhanae captain-deacon and pilot serving in the Keepers of the One Freedom.[1] He was a close ally of Dokab Castor and the son of Orsun, who was once one of Castor's "war-brothers" during the Human-Covenant War.[3][1] Krelis was devout in his belief of the Covenant religion,[4] serving alongside Castor until his death on Installation 00 in October 2559.[5]


Family and faith[edit]

One of Orsun's sons, Krelis held a similarly strong belief in the Covenant religion, even after the empire fell in late 2552. After his father's death, Krelis rose to prominence within the Keepers of the One Freedom, becoming a skilled pilot and confidant of Dokab Castor. By October 2559, he was Orsun's last remaining son.[1]

Banished partnership[edit]

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After joining forces with the Banished, Castor took the Keepers to Reach to assist the mercenary group in their search for a Forerunner portal that led to the Ark. By this time, Krelis had earned the rank of captain-deacon within the Keepers of the One Freedom.[1]

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Journey to Installation 00[edit]

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Physical description[edit]

Krelis stood a little over three meters tall, with broad shoulders and a comparatively thin waist. His tusks had a distinct curl to them that he inherited from his father, Orsun.[1] His eyes were a reddish-orange.[2] In 2559, his fur was the same mottled gray as his father's,[1] but he has also been seen with brown fur.[2][Note 1]


Krelis wore the blue-and-gold harness that was the standard for a Keeper captain-deacon such as himself.[1] This consisted of a large ornate shoulder pauldron on his right shoulder, and a smaller pauldron on his left. These were secured with leather straps, which also formed a bandolier and belt around his waist.[2]

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  1. ^ Halo: Shadows of Reach, released in 2020, revealed that Krelis had "mottled gray" fur. However, official artwork of Krelis shown off in a Canon Fodder post portrays him with brown fur. It is possible that this artwork shows Krelis at a different point in time, with his fur dyed or simply a different color due to his younger age.


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