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Operation: WOLFE

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Raid on Anodyne Spirit


Battle of Epsilon Clarion

Operation: WOLFE
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Created conflict


October 7-12, 2559


Eposz, Viery Territory, Reach, Epsilon Eridani system


Created victory

  • 1 Guardian Custode

Operation: WOLFE[1] was an operation undertaken by SPARTAN-II Blue Team during the Created conflict.[2]


The Fall of Reach[edit]

Main article: Fall of Reach

In August 2552, Reach fell to the onslaught of the Covenant. Late in the battle, the SPARTAN-IIs were deployed onto Reach to help defend the planet's orbital defense generators from assault to give the UNSC Navy a fighting chance in the concurrent space battle. During the engagement, many Spartans were killed and more injured, with the majority of survivors eventually retreating to CASTLE Base, including Team Alpha and Team Delta. There, they met up with Doctor Catherine Halsey, who had been escorted to the site by Jun-A266 following the enactment of Operation: WHITE GLOVE on SWORD Base. Here, she worked to enact the operation on CASTLE, destroying all of the AIs present in the facility including Araqiel and Kalmiya, before using self-destruct charges on the base to ensure any materiel inside did not fall into Covenant hands.

The group survived in the Titanium mines beneath the facility, and were eventually later extracted by John-117 and the other survivors of the Battle of Installation 04 during the Raid on Reach.

The Created[edit]

Main article: Created conflict

In October 2558, a force of artificial intelligences known as the Created, led by Cortana and the Warden Eternal alongside an army of Prometheans, rose up and began to subjugate the Milky Way galaxy. A year following this rise, Blue Team were deployed from UNSC Infinity to CASTLE Base to investigate assets hidden in Halsey's laboratory that may have survived the base's destruction, and help to lead to the defeat of the AI uprising. The team consisted of John-117, Frederic-104, Kelly-087 and Linda-058, who had begun to employ their own variants of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN3).[2]

By this time, the Banished had begun to occupy Reach and the remnants of CASTLE base.[2][3]

The Battle[edit]


On October 7, 2559, Blue Team began their insertion into Reach's atmosphere via an Owl, the UNSC Special Delivery. Their flight path took them over Big Crater Bay.[4]

The Special Delivery ended up crash landing, forcing the survivors to move on foot.[4][5]

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The Banished occupiers and UNSC forces withdrew from Reach before Cortana's Guardian arrived. Some troops were left behind on Reach till the end of the Created conflict and the Viery Militia regained control over Arany Basin. Dr. Halsey got the cryobins from CASTLE BASE.

The Banished managed to open the portal on the Menachite Forerunner complex, allowing Atriox and some of his forces travel from Installation 00 to Reach on the Lich Pegoras,[6] but after this Castor and his Keepers betrayed the Banished and stole their Lich, traveling to the Lesser Ark to fulfill their Great Journey. Unknown to them, the undercover ONI operative Veta Lopis and her Ferret team went with them as well. On the Ark, with the help of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, the Ferrets managed to foil the Keepers' plot and the faction was ultimately destroyed, leaving only Castor and Inslaan 'Gadogai as survivors.[7]


October 7, 2559[edit]

  • 0217 Hours: Insertion of Special Delivery into the atmosphere in progress.[4]
  • 0241 Hours: Crew of Special Delivery begin exiting out of the crashed vehicle.[4][5]
  • 0351 Hours: Castor and a large force are in the middle of investigating the wreckage of the Special Delivery.[8]
  • 0631 Hours: Survivors of the Special Delivery crew were making their way through Tárnoc Gorge of the Ujeger Highlands.[9]

October 12, 2559[edit]

  • 1308 Hours: Blue Team are doing surveillance while on Vanadinite Mountain on the approach to CASTLE Base.[10]
  • 1348 Hours: John-117 begins descending into CASTLE Base.[11]
  • 1845 Hours: Blue Team and ODSTs on board a Pelican were en route to the UNSC Infinity.[12]



Naval assets[edit]


Tactical grouping Class Name Status
Unknown Infinity-class supercarrier UNSC Infinity Survived
Eclipse-class prowler UNSC Bucephalus[1] Unknown

Military personnel[edit]

Branch Rank Name Status
UNSC Navy Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 Survived


Ground forces[edit]


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Keepers of the One Freedom[edit]

Military personnel[edit]

Branch Rank Name Status
Unknown Dokab Castor Survived

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