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A screenshot of Pegoras landing at the proto-gravemind site on the Ark.
Pegoras on descent to the Flood infestation on the Ark.[1]
Production information


Eklon War-Forges[2]


Eklon'Dal Workshop Lich


Personal transport of Atriox[3]



79.7 meters (261.4 ft)[2]


41.4 meters (135.9 ft)[2]


28.4 meters (93.1 ft)[2]


898.1 metric tons (883.9 LT; 990.0 ST)[2]

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating[4]


1 heavy plasma cannon[2]


40 passengers[2]


1 pilot[2]

Service information


October 12, 2559[5]

Participated battles:

Operation: WOLFE[6]
Battle for Translocation portal Epsilon[3]

Known commanders:



Banished (formerly)
Keepers of the One Freedom


Pegoras was the personal Lich of the Banished warmaster, Atriox.[3]


Design details[edit]

Pegoras is an Eklon'Dal Workshop Lich, appropriately manufactured by the Eklon War-Forges.[2] The craft is outfitted with nanolaminate hull plating,[4] and a single heavy plasma cannon.[2] It is capable of transporting up to forty warriors and a single pilot.[4][2]


Second Ark Conflict[edit]

Main article: Second Ark Conflict

Pegoras was used by Atriox as a personal transport during his occupation of the Ark throughout 2559. In mid-2559, the Lich was used to transport Atriox away from the frontline of his conflict against the human forces of UNSC Spirit of Fire to the crash site of High Charity, to deal with the newly-emerged threat of the Flood in the region. Pegoras arrived at the site of the Proto-Gravemind shortly following the Gravemind's destruction, and disembarked Atriox and his personal guard to reprimand brothers Pavium and Voridus of the Clan of the Long Shields.[1]

Return to Reach and eventual destruction[edit]

In October of 2559, Pegoras was used during an attempt by the Banished to open up a slipspace portal to connect the Ark back to the Milky Way galaxy. After the Menachite portal complex was activated on Reach by Escharum's forces, Pegoras was used to transport Atriox and his personal retinue - the Exodus Guard - through slipstream space to Reach. Arriving at Reach, Pegoras disembarked its passenger complement before being co-opted by Castor and the Keepers of the One Freedom. Although initially attempting to frame their takeover of the Lich as the personal orders of Escharum, their bluff was called and they were forced to openly declare their betrayal. Atriox ordered his forces to back down and allow the takeover, confident that the many threats of the Ark would make short work of the relatively small Keeper force - and preferring to avoid excess bloodshed in the face of an imminent United Nations Space Command counterattack.[6]

Full cover art of Halo: Divine Wind.
Veta Lopis, Inslaan 'Gadogai and Castor stood in front of Pegoras' crash site on the Ark.

The Keepers then boarded Pegoras and used it to re-transit the portal back to the Ark, aiming to use the megastructure to achieve their religious goals and activate the Halo Array.[6] The Lich carried forty Keeper warriors including Castor and the Ferrets to the Ark - ultimately emerging in the midst of a pitched three-way battle between the Banished vanguard on the Ark commanded by Let 'Volir, the loyalist Covenant remnant force commanded by Dhas Bhasvod, and the forces of Spirit of Fire. The craft emerged in the same physical locale as a UNSC B-65 Shortsword bomber, resulting in the two aircraft fusing together mid-flight and causing severe damage and injury to both crafts' occupants.[7] As Krelis struggled to keep Pegoras airborne, the Lich descended and passed over a UNSC combined-arms column that was assaulting the portal site before weaving through a sky cluttered with various old UNSC and modern Covenant aircraft. [4]

To secure aid on the descent, Castor was able to communicate with the Banished ground force and bluff that Atriox was still aboard Pegoras - attmepting to trick Let 'Volir into believing that the warmaster was wounded and thus, unable to talk. However, realising the shipmaster's raising suspicions, Inslaan 'Gadogai instead told 'Volir that Atriox was not aboard the Lich, and that they had been ordered to the Ark at his request - and thus required several talons of aircraft to escort their descent. Veta Lopis then transmitted to the UNSC force, using the callsign of the Shortsword's pilot Lieutenant Myklonas, that she required UNSC air aid to escort the Lich down. This resulting in a flight of four AV-22 Sparrowhawks tailing the Lich and the UNSC force opening a corridor in Pegoras' flight path as to allow it to crash without harming the ground force - or be shot down without fear of collateral damage. In response, Krelis tried to keep Pegoras flying over the UNSC ground force, ultimately clearing the support lines and securing a crash site for Pegoras in the Chasm Lands biome.[4][8] In response to Pegoras' appearance, the Clan of the Long Shields were ordered by Let 'Volir to investigate the crash site and the truth of the matter of why the Lich had returned to the Ark.[3]

Several of the Keeper crew were able to survive Pegoras' crash - albeit injured - and began to offload supplies for their mission. However, they were ambushed by a pack of kralidonk - carnivorous fauna native to the Ark. Before they could be overrun, a Covenant loyalist Phantom dropship was able to land in the crash site and offload its cargo of Jiralhanae Honor Guard and the Prelate Dhas 'Bhasvod, who ultimately allied with the Keeper force and escorted them away from the crash site.[8][9]

Following the departure of the Covenant-Keeper alliance, the kralidonk swarm began to dismantle Pegoras with the intent of using its components to decorate their underwater hive, though were driven out of the site by the arrival of the Banished Long Shields. However, the result of the various damages taken had caused the Lich's navigation and pilot's registers to have been destroyed. Ultimately, the Banished party were unable to recover much from Pegoras except the revelation that human spies had been present among the ranks of the Keepers.[5]

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