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Balkarus on Installation 07. Courtesy of number1munko on Twitter.
Balkarus, a Jiralhanae Captain chosen to join the Exodus Guard.

The Exodus Guard are a military unit within the Banished, formed in late 2559. They were formed by Atriox to serve as a cadre of hand-picked warriors and officers to escort the warmaster from Installation 00 back to the Milky Way galaxy.[1]


In October of 2559, the Exodus Guard were chosen by Atriox to accompany him back to the Milky Way via means of a portal complex that had been opened on Reach. Upon returning to Reach, the group were first to disembark from Atriox's personal Lich transport Pegoras and pay respects to Escharum before being followed by Atriox himself. Here, they were confronted by Castor and the Keepers of the One Freedom, who attempted to steal Pegoras to make their own journey to the Ark. Upon declaring their open intent to steal the Lich, Atriox ordered the Exodus Guard to stand down, confident that his retinue of Banished forces left on the Ark or the numerous other threats there would make short work of Castor's forces. Instead, Atriox preferred to save the Exodus Guard from needless bloodshed to deal with the encroaching United Nations Space Command forces who were assaulting the portal complex.[2]

The Exodus Guard later accompanied Atriox to Installation 07, wherein they participated in the Banished occupation of the ringworld into mid-2560. Ultimately, Balkarus, Zeretus, 'Vagaduun, and Horatius were all eliminated in battle with John-117.[3][4][5]

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