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Jato 'Ratum is a Sangheili who serves the Banished.[1]


Jato 'Ratum was part of a mining expedition during the Banished's operations on Installation 00 in 2559. Although he had advised caution about mining around the old ship wreckages from the war, the Jiralhanae who lead the expedition dismissed any worries about their surroundings. Upon arriving at their designated site, 'Ratum stood guard while the Jiralhanae ordered his Unggoy to prepare the mining equipment. Just as they managed to breach the surface, 'Ratum cried out a warning after sensing an oncoming danger and immediately dove for cover. The expedition team was then pummeled by salvo after salvo of artillery fire from a large, unseen attacker. Wounded and disoriented from the initial blast, 'Ratum lost consciousness just as he heard the Jiralhanae leader perish in another blast. 'Ratum awoke later to find their attacker had disappeared and that he was the sole survivor of the mining expedition.[1]

Jato 'Ratum would be among the Banished warriors, including Balkarus, Okro 'Vagaduun and Zeretus, picked by Atriox himself to return with him to the Milky Way. The group went through the portal on the Ark aboard Atriox's personal Lich to meet with Escharum on Reach. It was there he was introduced to Castor by Inslaan 'Gadogai when he exited the Eklon'Dal Workshop Lich. Eventually, the group departed Reach on Eschuram's Intrusion corvette after the remaining Keepers took Atriox's Lich back through the Portal.[2]

Jato later participated in the Battle of Installation 07 as part of Exodus Guard. In the months that followed, he sent a message to Vimo 'Arach. Their scouts had identified two promising excavation sites, but he warned Vimo of the Ring's defenses. He suggested scavenging human equipment destroyed during the battle, believing that the materials would be needed for repairs in the battles to come. He wished Vimo good hunting and promised to tell him his tales of survival on the Ark once their conflict on the Ring was done.[3]

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