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This article is about the Halo Infinite campaign level. For the location, see Silent Auditorium (location).


House of Reckoning

Silent Auditorium
Silent Auditorium Central Chamber


Halo Infinite




c. May 28–31, 2560[1]


Silent Auditorium, Installation 07


  • Locate the Silent Auditorium
  • Defeat The Harbinger

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Confront the Harbinger at the Silent Auditorium and finish the fight.

Silent Auditorium is the sixteenth and final campaign level in Halo Infinite, under the seventh and final campaign section "Endless".


The Master Chief and the Weapon reach the Silent Auditorium, once the seat of Cortana's power, now claimed and controlled by The Harbinger. Their enemy reveals Auditorium was where the Forerunners passed judgment upon her species, the Endless, and sentenced them to indefinite imprisonment inside Zeta Halo. The Harbinger sought to utilize her uneasy alliance with the Banished to free her people — a plan that nearly succeeded before it was disrupted by the Master Chief. Finally defeated, the Harbinger says her people have been found, and that the Endless will, at long last, be unleashed. The Reformation is averted. The Auditorium begins to collapse. Chief and the Weapon escape through a portal to an unknown destination.



Scene opens up to the Master Chief standing inside Echo 216's troop bay.

  • Pilot (COM): "Are you ready? It's about to get rough. They're waiting for us. I think they're all waiting for us."

The Pelican trembles ominously.

  • Pilot (COM): "Did you feel that? (half-jokingly) It's not too late to turn around."

The Weapon's avatar materializes in his hand.

  • Weapon: "Something feels..."

A small blue cloud of data suddenly appears and starts flying around them.

  • Cortana (memory): "There's not much time. Too many variables. I need a constant."

Another ball of data appears and flies in a circle directly in front of the Chief before fading away.

  • Cortana (memory): "I have seen your future."

The Weapon raises her hands in realization.

  • Weapon: "I should have realized. That's not what it was called. I've been here before. This is where I locked her down."

She turns towards the closed troop bay door.

  • Weapon: "This is where Cortana died."

The blue cloud of data flies by and more ghostly voices are heard.

  • John-117 (memory): "What do I call her?"
  • Cortana (memory): "Hello, Master Chief. I'm Cortana."

The Chief and the Weapon watch the data cloud continue flying around the troop bay.

  • Pilot (COM): "We're here! Go!"

The troop bay's interior lights turn red and an alarm sounds.

  • Pilot (COM): "Did you hear me? We're here! You need to go! Now!"

The Weapon's avatar vanishes and the Chief turns to face the bay doors as they open up. He leaps out of the Pelican and onto a platform, where Banished troops are already waiting for him.


  • Pilot (COM): "You're sure you're okay down there? Want me to wait?"
  • John-117: "Negative. Pull back."
  • Weapon: "We'll be in touch."
  • Pilot (COM): "You got it. I'll be waiting for the call. Try not to die. You hear me?"

The Chief engages the Banished troops, who are led by a Sangheili Warlord, along with an Ultra, and are backed up by a pair of Shades.

  • Jiralhanae: "Alert the Harbinger! The Spartan has reached the Auditorium!"
  • Kig-Yar: "Kig-Yar defend Harbinger! For Banished!"

The Banished, aware of Escharum's death, invoke their fallen War Chief's name throughout the mission.

  • Jiralhanae: "The War Chief is dead - but his dream endures!"
  • Jiralhanae: "You will not win, Spartan! Escharum lives in us!"
  • Jiralhanae: "Vengeance for Escharum! BRING THE SPARTAN DOWN!"
  • Jiralhanae: "You killed the War Chief, but you will NOT STOP THE BANISHED!"
  • Jiralhanae: "Escharum will be avenged! The Banished will NEVER DIE!"
  • Sangheili: "The Banished will endure! In Escharum's name - slay the Spartan!"
  • Unggoy: "Oh crap oh crap HE KILLED ESCHARUM! Now he's gonna kill meeeee!"
  • Unggoy: "Wait wait wait - he killed Escharum AND Jega? RUUUUUN!"

The Chief defeats the enemies on the platform. He then accesses a terminal and opens a door leading inside the structure. The Chief enters and soon encounters another group of Banished. After these enemies have been eliminated, he finds a locked door with an empty Crucible nearby.

  • Weapon: "Hmm. This door requires a power seed. There must be one nearby. Look around."

After a quick search, the Chief finds and retrieves a power seed, which he inserts into the Crucible. The door opens and he steps through. Upon entering the next room, he's met by the ghostly echo of Cortana, who walks towards him.

The echo vanishes. The Chief heads down a ramp and enters an observation room.

  • Whispers: "Please come find me."

If the Chief looks through the observation window, he can see an Ardent Mgalekgolo pair patrolling the chamber below.

The Chief heads downstairs and enters another observation room. Row upon row of Cylixes are visible behind the glass windows here. The image of Cortana once again materializes before the Chief upon his entry.

  • Cortana (memory): "I've been waiting for you to show up."

She puts her hands on her hips defiantly.

  • Cortana (memory): "What's the plan? Take me back to the Infinity for deletion? Halsey's gonna love that."

She turns around to find Atriox standing behind her.

  • Atriox (memory): "The UNSC is gone!"
  • Cortana (memory): (stunned) "Atriox? How did you...?"
  • Atriox (memory): "It's time to discuss the terms of your surrender."

The memory dissolves.

The Chief continues heading downward.

The Chief enters the room with the Ardent Hunters. A lengthy battle ensues, with the Chief ultimately coming out on top. Once both Hunters are dead, the Chief accesses a terminal to leave the room.

  • Weapon: "I got this."

The exit door opens.

  • Weapon: "Are you okay? Being here?"
  • John-117: (grimly) "No. Not really."
  • Weapon: "I bet. She was expecting you, but Atriox got to her first. You meant so much to each other. It can't be easy."

The Chief continues his search for the Auditorium.

If the Chief takes a detour into a small armory:

  • Weapon: "You need a weapon? Look no further. Stock up, Chief!"

The Chief enters another observation room, and another one of Cortana's memories begins playing. In this one, a triumphant Atriox paces around her.

  • Cortana (memory): "Not yet."
  • Atriox (memory): "Oh such confidence. Such arrogance. Do you believe a savior will come? A Spartan?"
  • Cortana (memory): "John... The Master Chief will stop you!"

Atriox growls with pleasure.

The image of Atriox vanishes and is replaced with that of the Master Chief's seemingly lifeless body floating in space.

  • Cortana (memory): (Crestfallen) "No."
  • Cortana (memory): (subdued) "You said yes."
  • Atriox (memory): "And then I asked you the same question. Reflect on your choices, Cortana. Understand the consequences."

Cortana lowers her head in sadness as the memory dissolves.

The Chief continues his journey through the facility.

The Chief encounters a group of Banished led by a Sangheili Ultra.

The Chief eliminates the Banished and proceeds into the next room, where he encounters more Banished troops led by another Sangheili Ultra. A squadron of hostile Sentinels is also present. He fights his way through these enemies.

The Chief arrives at a ledge overhanging a chasm. He accesses a nearby terminal to activate a light bridge. Doing so triggers another one of Cortana's memories. Again, Atriox is shown confronting Cortana.

  • Atriox (memory): (pacing back and forth) "I have learned so much, Cortana. This Ring is different. It has secrets within that I will have. This... Silent Auditorium."

He stops to stare down at her directly.

  • Atriox (memory): "Do you know its history? Its true purpose?"

He chuckles and turns away. At the same time, the light bridge is activated.

  • Atriox (memory): (dismissively) "I have little need for a failed god."

He throws out his arms in dramatic fashion.

  • Atriox (memory): "This Ring is all I need. Surrender it to me."

The memory fades.

The Chief crosses the light bridge.

  • Weapon: "The memories... The data... It's more precise. More complete. It's like..."
  • John-117: "We're get closer to where she died."
  • Weapon: "Yes... but I was going to say deliberate. Like she wanted us to know something."

The Chief passes through a Banished armory.

  • Whispers: "I feel certain that I am going mad again. So I am doing what seems the best thing to do."

The Chief encounters more Banished in the next chamber (potentially including a Jiralhanae Chieftain armed with a Shea'p-pattern plasma cannon).

  • Jiralhanae: "Courage, brothers! We must defend the Harbinger!"

The Chief eliminates the enemy troops. He exits through a door and goes up a ramp.

  • Whispers: "You have given me the greatest possible happiness. You have been in every way all that anyone could ever be."

The Chief engages a small group of Banished led by yet another Sangheili Ultra. He defeats them all and proceeds up another ramp leading to a hallway.

  • Whispers: "I can't fight it any longer."

As he approaches the door at the end of the hallway, it opens to reveal Adjutant Resolution waiting for him on the other side. The Sub-Monitor is not here to fight, however.

The Chief follows him into the next room.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "The seal is almost broken. But they must not be released. You must stop her. Stop them. Close the seal."

The Sub-Monitor unlocks a door for the Chief.

  • Weapon: "I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this."
  • John-117: "Starting?"
  • Weapon: "Good point."

The Chief heads through the unlocked door, while Adjutant Resolution stays behind.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "I was worried that you were perhaps unfriendly. Forgive me. I was wrong. There is so much to learn about this installation. So much kept even from me. But first... stop her. Please."

If the Chief hangs around, he can hear the Sub-Monitor talk to himself.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "I have failed you, Despondent Pyre. My friend. My maker. If this installation survives, we... I must learn its secrets. Uncover its history. Uncover its mysteries. Yes. Find them all. And maybe more? Perhaps I should follow your example. Yes. Create friends. Companions of my own. If... if we survive."

If the Chief hangs around longer, the Sub-Monitor will tell the Chief the following:

  • Adjutant Resolution: "What are you waiting for?"
  • Adjutant Resolution: "Please. Stop her."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "The Endless must not return."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "I am sorry I tried to eliminate you. It was a mistake. I am sure you understand."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "Do not allow her to open the seal."

The Chief heads through another door.

  • Whispers: "What I want to say is I owe all the happiness of my life to you."

The Chief activates a light bridge (or uses his Grappleshot) to cross a chasm and reaches another bridge, this one physical.

  • Atriox (memory): (voice only) "Your great plan? Ended at the hands of those who made you."

The Chief heads down the bridge and arrives at an elevator platform.

  • Atriox (memory): (voice only) "Reflect on your choices, Cortana. Understand the consequences."

The Chief steps onto the elevator and deploys the Weapon onto the control terminal. The elevator activates and starts to ascend. A ghostly echo of Cortana appears in front of them.

  • Cortana (memory): "How could I have been so stupid? Halsey made a copy. It was the only way..."

She vanishes but instantly reappears on the left.

  • Cortana (memory): (reaching out with one hand) "There's not much time."

She vanishes again, only to reappear on the right this time.

  • Cortana (memory): (talking to herself) "If Atriox takes control..."

With every utterance, she vanishes and simultaneously reappears elsewhere, almost as if there are multiple Cortanas talking to each other.

  • Cortana (memory): "He has the Ring."
  • Cortana (memory): "A weapon pointed into the universe."
  • Cortana (memory): "My fault."
  • Cortana (memory): "My stupid fault."
  • Cortana (memory): "Not much time."
  • Cortana (memory): "Will this work?"
  • Cortana (memory): "There's a moment..."
  • Cortana (memory): "John will make it work..."
  • Cortana (memory): "He needs help."
  • Cortana (memory): "Of course. Was this your plan all along, Halsey?"
  • Cortana (memory): "Or is it mine?"
  • Cortana (memory): "It doesn't matter now. Nothing else matters."
  • Cortana (memory): "This has got to work."
  • Cortana (memory): "He can't do it on his own."
  • Cortana (memory): "He needs me."
  • Cortana (memory): "He needs her."

The elevator arrives at its destination.


The Chief reaches to retrieve the Weapon but stops when another memory begins playing.

Atriox approaches Cortana.

  • Atriox (memory): "It is time for you to make your choice."
  • Cortana (memory): "I have. Thank you, Atriox. You helped me. You really did. Would you humor me?"

She starts walking forward, her back to the Banished leader.

She turns to him.

  • Atriox (memory): "I would change nothing."

She turns back around.

  • Cortana (memory): "Perfect. Thank you."

She resumes walking towards something unseen.

  • Atriox (memory): (alarmed) "What are you doing?!"

A white light engulfs everything.

  • Cortana (memory): "Making things right."

The sound of an explosion is heard.

The memory ends.

Scene pans down on the Chief and the Weapon as they take in what they've just witnessed. Balls of data appear and drift around them before fading away.

  • Weapon: "It was her. She destroyed the Ring. Stopped my deletion. Why?"

The Chief doesn't answer. He just uploads the Weapon back into his armor and turns towards a set of doors in front of him.


The doors open. The Chief steps through, entering a hallway.

  • Whispers: "If anybody could have saved me it would have been you. Everything has gone from me but the certainty of your goodness. I can't go on spoiling your life any longer."

The Chief exits the hallway and enters an antechamber.

  • Weapon: "We're here. This is where Cortana..."
  • John-117: "Sacrificed herself."

The doors at the end of the antechamber open and the Chief enters the Silent Auditorium itself. It is a magnificent, circular chamber with a trio of giant, cubic Forerunner statues mounted on the walls. A great seal of The Eld lies at the center of the floor surrounded by six appendage-like pillars. Rows of Cylixes can be seen behind triangular glass windows at the back of the Auditorium.

The Chief uploads the Weapon to a terminal by the seal.


The Weapon accesses the terminal.

  • Weapon: (studying the data) "The Silent Auditorium. Forerunner. Obviously. It appears to be... oh no."
  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Weapon: "It's a courtroom. A prison. A place of execution. All these things. Together. Why?"
  • The Harbinger: "To cover their sins. We stood. Silent. Unable to speak as they passed judgment."

The Chief looks up as golden energy starts flowing from the pillars surrounding the seal.

  • Harbinger: "We could not defend ourselves. We could not reason with them."
  • Weapon: "Something's sending a signal. Before you ask, I'm already tracking it."

A sphere of golden light appears high above the seal. It grows larger and brighter as it draws energy from the pillars.

  • Harbinger: "Hear this, Forerunners! Your Auditorium has fallen. The Endless found. Your sins undone."

Zoom in on the sphere as it erupts in a flash of blinding white light, and the Harbinger herself emerges.

Close-up of the Harbinger's face.

  • Harbinger: "Today we return!"

Zoom out as the Harbinger fires an energy blast into the seal. The Chief steps back and the Weapon disappears into the terminal. The Auditorium trembles as a bubble of golden energy forms around both the seal and the Harbinger.


For the Harbinger's dialogue during the fight, see here.

The energy bubble is maintained by a transmitter embedded in one of the giant Forerunner statues. Nothing can pierce the shield. The Harbinger teleports herself onto the center of the seal.

  • John-117: "What's she doing?"
  • Weapon: "She's trying to open a connection between here and somewhere else on the Ring."
  • John-117: "Where?"
  • Weapon: (slightly annoyed) "You deal with her and I'll find out."

The Harbinger calls out to her troops. Immediately, Banished and Skimmers, led by a Jiralhanae Chosen Warrior, pour in from multiple doors around the Auditorium. After the Chief eliminates them, the energy bubble surrounding the Harbinger dissipates. The Forerunner statue that was maintaining the bubble now belches smoke from its disabled transmitter.

  • Weapon: "There! I've intercepted the carrier wave from this transmitter."

With her minions dead, the Harbinger herself now enters the fray. She's unlike any foe the Master Chief has fought, being able to teleport at will and hurl orbs of devastating energy. Nonetheless, the Chief manages to deplete her personal energy shields, causing her to fall to the ground, paralyzed and vulnerable. After taking enough physical damage, the Harbinger teleports away.

Energy flows from a second Forerunner statue, reactivating the protective bubble around the seal. The Harbinger reappears in the center.

  • Weapon: "She's switched transmitters. Re-routing the power through that one. This isn't good. The connection is sentient. It's searching for something."

More Banished and Skimmers, led by a Jiralhanae Captain, enter the Auditorium and try to stop the Chief. After the Chief kills them, the Weapon disables the second transmitter and the bubble dissipates again.

  • Weapon: "Okay. Next one's down."

The Chief engages the Harbinger in combat again. He disables her shields and inflicts more damage, causing her to teleport away again. The third Forerunner statue restores the protective bubble, its energy now orange instead of gold. Again, the Harbinger reappears in the center of the seal.

  • Weapon: "It's switched again. It's found something."
  • John-117: "What?"
  • Weapon: "No idea. But I doubt it's good. Wait! There's something else here. Something's helping me..."

Even more Banished and Skimmers, now led by a Warlord Chieftain wielding a Gravity Hammer, enter the Auditorium. The Chief eventually kills them all.

  • Weapon: "There! Last one's down!"

The bubble dissipates. The Chief and the Harbinger clash one last time. Despite the Harbinger using all of her powers against him, the Chief manages to wear her shields down and finishes her off.


The Harbinger screams as she falls to the floor. The Chief approaches her, the Weapon in hand.

Scene zooms in on the Harbinger.

  • Harbinger: "You have what you need. Tell them... I am sorry it took so long..."
  • John-117: "Who's she talking to?"
  • Weapon: "Unknown. The signal's... old? Like really old."

The Harbinger pulls her headdress off.

  • Harbinger: (to the Master Chief) "My time is ended. Yours too. They will make sure."

The Auditorium begins to collapse around them.

  • Weapon: "We need extraction."
  • Pilot (COM): "Of course you do. On my way!"

The Harbinger rises into the air, a bluish-purple light radiating from her body.

  • Harbinger: "The Endless will return."

She lets out a dying gasp. The light flickers out and she falls lifelessly to the floor.

The Weapon turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "I couldn't decrypt it in time."
  • John-117: "It's OK. You'll figure something out."
  • Weapon: "Of course I will. I'm..."

The Chief looks up. The voice is coming from nearby.

  • Cortana (memory): "It won't be me..."

He slowly turns around and sees Cortana approaching him.

  • Cortana (memory): "...but you know that, right? But that doesn't matter."
  • Weapon: "It's just another echo."
  • Cortana (memory): "She's right, John. Just another echo."

She laughs.

  • Cortana (memory): "Sorry. I'm messing with you. I just had... a feeling that's what she would say."

The Chief takes a few steps towards her. He holds the Weapon out in front, so that Cortana now appears to be looking at both of them.

  • Cortana (memory): "Do you see what I see? So much potential."

Scene briefly shifts towards the Chief and the Weapon, before shifting back to Cortana.

  • Cortana (memory): "I'm sorry. I didn't have long to plan this. A few milliseconds really. I hope it worked out."

She smiles.

Scene pans to the Chief, then to the Weapon, then back to Cortana.

  • Cortana (memory): "But this isn't an end. It's a chance to make amends. To rectify mistakes. And it starts here. I was wrong."

She turns around.

  • Cortana (memory): "I thought that I could do this on my own, but I forgot that the whole point of all this..."

She throws her arms out for emphasis.

  • Cortana (memory): "...the entire reason that I chose you in the first place..."

She turns back to face the Chief and the Weapon.

  • Cortana (memory): "...was that we were supposed to be a team. Perfectly suited. Perfectly matched. Perfectly... perfect."

Scene slowly revolves around the three of them.

  • Cortana (memory): "In these final moments, I know what my last mission is. I need to make sure you two learn from my mistakes. Become stronger because of them. I chose well, Master Chief. I really did. Now it's up to you."

The Chief watches as the final echo of Cortana disappears.

  • Weapon: "Are you alright? I don't know what to say."

Before the Chief can respond, the Auditorium starts collapsing again. The Weapon's avatar vanishes into his armor.

  • Weapon: "Scratch that... We need to get out of here! Like now!"

Huge pieces of rubble come crashing down all around the Chief. He starts running but is cut off by the falling debris.

  • John-117: "Options?"

He turns and starts running in the opposite direction, only for more debris to block his path.

  • Weapon: "I'm thinking. Yes, I know, I know, think faster. Maybe there's a way to-"

The Chief hears something behind him. He turns around and finds that a portal has been opened.

  • John-117: "Was that you?"
  • Weapon: "Would it help if I said yes?"
  • John-117: "Probably."
  • Weapon: "But we don't know where it's going. Or even if it's going anywhere!"
  • John-117: "Any other suggestions?"
  • Weapon: "No, but this-"

The Chief runs into the portal.

  • Weapon: "-is a really bad idea!"

Cut to white.

Scene fades in on the Chief being thrown out of the portal. He lands hard on his back and rolls across the ground before finally coming to a rest on his side. Grunting, he slowly picks himself back up and looks around. They're on the opposite side of the Ring now, the damaged section visible in the distance.

  • John-117: "Let's not do that again."
  • Weapon: "I did try to tell you it was a bad idea."
  • Pilot (COM): "Chief! (laughs with triumph) Your beacon just appeared out of nowhere. (laughing with relief now) Oh, I thought I'd lost you. Where did you go?"
  • Weapon: (surprised and relieved) "Echo-216?"
  • Pilot (COM): "Stay put. I'm coming to you."

The Chief looks around some more.

  • John-117: "Where are we?"
  • Weapon: "Chief, I think the better question... is when are we?"

Scene rotates to reveal that the Chief is standing underneath a row of seven Totem rings.

  • Weapon: "I don't know how, but we've been gone for days. Three days to be precise."

The Chief takes a moment to process this revelation.

  • John-117: "This Ring... is different than the others."

The Weapon's avatar appears in the Chief's hand. Scene slowly closes in on them.

  • Weapon: "The Banished and the Harbinger were looking for something that was never found. Why would the Forerunners hide something and throw away the key? Doesn't that scare you?"
  • John-117: "No. You?"
  • Weapon: (after an awkward silence) "Of course not."

They hear the rumble of an approaching Pelican.

  • Pilot (COM): "Is anyone going to ask me what I think?"

The Pelican appears in front of them.

  • Pilot (COM): "I guess not. Get inside, big guy."

The Chief withdraws the Weapon into his armor, then dashes towards the Pelican as it turns its open troop bay to him. He jumps inside and is immediately greeted by the Pilot.

  • Pilot: (overjoyed) "Chief! Chief!"

He hugs the Chief, who doesn't seem to know how to respond.

  • Pilot: "Sorry. I'm really happy to see you. (laughs) Really happy."

He lets go of the Chief, then bends down to pick up an MA40 assault rifle propped against one of the troop seats.

  • Pilot: "So, what do we do now?"

He hands the Chief the assault rifle. The Chief takes the weapon.

The Pilot gives a triumphant laugh and salutes the Chief.

  • Pilot: "Yes! Yes, sir! The Banished still control the rest of the Ring."

He heads back to the cockpit. The Chief follows him.

  • Weapon: "Wait."

Her avatar appears in the Chief's hand.

  • Weapon: "I know this is weird, given all that's happened, but..."
  • Pilot: "What? What is it?"
  • Weapon: "We still don't know your name. We can't keep calling you Echo-216."
  • Weapon: "It's nice to meet you, Esparza. Fernando Esparza."

Esparza nods.

  • John-117: "Good work, soldier."
  • Esparza: "And what about you?"

Scene shifts to the Chief and the Weapon.

  • Weapon: "What about me?"
  • Esparza: "What do I call you?"

Caught off guard by this question, the Weapon looks up at the Chief.

  • John-117: "Any ideas?"
  • Weapon: (hesitantly) "Well... Do you think it would be okay?"

The Chief nods.

  • Weapon: "You're sure?"
  • John-117: "You get to choose your name."

Zoom in on the Weapon.

  • Weapon: "Then... I think... I think I might have the perfect one."

Scene shifts back to Esparza as he gets into the pilot's seat.

  • Esparza: "Alright, here we go!"

He gives an excited laugh and looks over his shoulder at the Chief and the Weapon as they join him inside the cockpit.

  • Esparza: "Get ready!"

The Pelican takes off, the trio onboard ready to finish the fight.

Cut to black.

Credits roll.

{Post-Credits Scene}

Scene opens somewhere inside Zeta Halo. A door opens and the scene moves down a dark corridor. The sound of heavy footsteps is heard as someone approaches the control terminal at the end of the corridor. A Jiralhanae's hand enters the frame, holding a triangular device in his palm. It is the same type of device depicted on Escharum's holotable during his argument with Tremonius.

The device splits itself into three pieces, just as it did in the hologram, except this time a sphere of golden energy - like that of the Harbinger - materializes in the center, holding the three pieces in place. The device floats out of the Brute's hand and over to the terminal, positioning itself inches above the terminal's interface. The energy sphere hums and pulsates, while the sounds of something being unlocked are heard. The wall behind the terminal slides open.

Within the yellow-hazed chamber on the other side, countless Cylixes begin rising from a chasm below. Each Cylix is engraved, not with the outline of a humanoid figure, but with what appears to be an unknown symbol.

Scene rotates away from chamber and back to the Jiralhanae standing outside, before panning up to reveal his identity: Atriox, his face scarred and disfigured from Cortana's sacrifice, but still alive. He bares his teeth menacingly.

Cut to black.

{Post-Credits Scene - Legendary Only}

Note: This scene is identical to the one above, except that it now has the following voiceover:

Zeta Halo
97,368 BCE

  • Grand Edict: "The Endless must be contained. I will inform the Criterion to proceed."
  • Despondent Pyre: "They believe we are here to help."
  • Grand Edict: "It matters not. Today we do what it takes to maintain order. To preserve our truth. Time will forget they ever existed."
  • Despondent Pyre: "Time is not a construct we can control."
  • Grand Edict: "And we cannot allow it to be theirs. If Halo cannot end them, it must imprison them. When it is done, the engineers will be busy. We will learn their secrets."
  • Despondent Pyre: "I fear I cannot do this alone."

{Post-Main Campaign Gameplay}

The Master Chief is now back at Outpost Tremonius.

If all side quests have been completed:

  • Weapon: "What now, Chief?"
  • John-117: "What I said. We finish the fight."

If there are any side quests remaining:

  • John-117: "Give me a list of what's left to do."
  • Weapon: "You got it, Chief."


The following achievements can be unlocked on Silent Auditorium across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
HINF Achievement Banner - Too Many Goodbyes. Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Too Many Goodbyes Defeated the Harbinger. Confronted the truth.


Production notes[edit]

A part of the level was revealed in the April 2021 issue of Inside Infinite, though without any story or other narrative information. It was used as a demonstration of the various resolution settings.[2]


  • In order to access the Bandanna skull in this level, the player cannot kill any of the Sentinels.