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Halo Infinite[edit]


  • "We are blameless. The Forerunners set this in motion. I am ending it." (to Despondent Pyre)
  • "I know of you, Reclaimer. But hear this: You are not the future." (to the Master Chief)
  • "The Forerunners' lies are at an end. I am the Harbinger of the truth."

Pelican Down[edit]

  • "The Spartan is not alone. There's something here... helping him. Connected to this installation."
  • "When the Endless are found. And when you have your Ring. Then you will never question my worth and I will never question your judgment." (to Escharum)


  • "Why do you fight the inevitable? Order approaches. The Reformation is but a new beginning."
  • "The Auditorium will spill its secrets. The Endless will walk this world once more."

The Command Spire[edit]

Silent Auditorium[edit]

  • "Hear this, Forerunners! Your Auditorium has fallen! The Endless found. Your sins undone. Today we return!"
  • "You have what you need. Tell them... I am sorry it took so long." (speaking to an unseen ally after her defeat)
  • "My time is ended. Yours too. They will make sure... The Endless will return." (final words before dying)

Boss fight[edit]

  • [Frustrated growl]
  • [Laugh] (retreating after taking enough damage)
  • [Laugh] "I grow bored of this." (retreating after taking enough damage)
  • [Laugh] "Perhaps I underestimated you." (retreating after taking enough damage)
  • [Laugh] "This must end now!" (retreating after taking enough damage)
  • [Like a roar]
  • "A curious distraction, but nothing more."
  • "All it took was time." (if she kills the player)
  • "All your anger and fire. It cannot touch me."
  • "Another life given to the TRUE cause!" (when one of her minions dies)
  • "Armor is simply a tool. Is that all you have?"
  • "Burn!"
  • "Claim vengeance for Escharum! For Atriox!" (to her minions)
  • "Do as Escharum commanded! Kill the Spartan!" (to her minions)
  • "Do not fear! I have so many more at my disposal!" (when the player starts killing her minions)
  • "Do you still think I fear you?"
  • "Do you truly wish to make enemies of us, human?"
  • "Does that hurt?"
  • "Enough!" (when she takes damage)
  • "Escharum lost his way. I will not."
  • "Fulfill your oaths! Slay the Master Chief!" (to her minions)
  • "Get it off me!" (if stuck by a grenade)
  • "Give up and die!"
  • "How?!" (when her shields are down)
  • "How dare you?!" (taking damage)
  • "I am putting an end to this."
  • "I am right here, I haven't forgotten you."
  • "I am waiting to be impressed!"
  • "An impressive display...! Of wasted effort."
  • (mockingly) "Should I fear you?"
  • "I have not seen you earn your reputation yet, spartan...!"
  • "I herald a glorious rebirth! A righting of a terrible wrong!"
  • "I might have let you join us... but no more."
  • "I resign you to the abyss!"
  • "I want to hear you cry out in pain!"
  • "I will bring justice to this miserable Ring!"
  • "I will burn you down!"
  • "I will do this myself!" (the player defeats the current wave of Banished)
  • "I will not fail!"
  • "I will not let you stop me!"
  • "Insolent whelp!" (taking damage)
  • "It appears that it falls to me!" (the player kills the current wave of Banished)
  • "It cannot be!" (when her shields are down)
  • "It has been a long time!"
  • "It is almost a shame that you must die."
  • "It is done, Reclaimer!" (if she kills the player)
  • "It is not possible!" (when her shields are down)
  • "It is too late to surrender."
  • "It's almost a shame that you must die."
  • "So many lives... So much suffering."
  • "This is not who I am. This is what they made me...!"
  • "Kill him!" (to her minions)
  • "Kill the Spartan! Earn your place among the Endless!" (to her minions)
  • "My people have suffered long enough!"
  • "My shields!" (when her shields are down)
  • "NO!" (when her shields are down)
  • "Now then. Where was I?" (if she kills the player)
  • "Our return is their reckoning... and it is yours as well, Reclaimer."
  • "Our struggle is ageless. It will not end here."
  • "Our time together nears its end!"
  • "Slay him, and earn a place among the Endless!" (to her minions)
  • "So much death, human. So much blood on your hands."
  • "So, you wish to test me?"
  • "Stop!" (taking damage)
  • "Stop this!" (taking damage)
  • "Stop wasting time, Spartan."
  • "Strike me down, and countless more will rise in my stead!"
  • "Strip him of his armor!" (to her minions)
  • "Technology will not save you!"
  • "The Endless must return. You will not stop that!"
  • "The Endless will be avenged... and restored!"
  • "The Endless will return. You cannot stop it!"
  • "The Endless will rise again!"
  • "The Forerunners' lies will burn!"
  • "The galaxy itself will pay for your transgressions!"
  • "The Spartan must die!"
  • "There are more where they came from. So many more." (when one of her Skimmers dies)
  • "They are so close now! You will not stop me!"
  • "This ancient injustice will stand no longer!"
  • "This has ceased to be amusing."
  • "This injustice cannot be undone... but it CAN be avenged!"
  • "This is folly. And I will prove it to you."
  • "This is not possible!" (shields are down)
  • "This is not who I am. It is what they made me!"
  • "This is where the Master Chief dies!"
  • "This oppression WILL end."
  • "To come so far... only to fail." (if she kills the player)
  • "Trickery!" (shields are down)
  • "Very well. Prepare yourself." (the player defeats the current wave of Banished)
  • "We will not end!"
  • "What sets me apart from you, Spartan... is righteousness."
  • "Wretched thing!" (when her shields are down)
  • "Yes. Now you see." (dealing damage)
  • "You are a child - fighting for a cause you scarcely understand!"
  • "You are but an obstacle - and you will be dismantled!"
  • "You are just making a fool of yourself!"
  • "You are scarred, broken. Ready to die!"
  • "You deserve my wrath!"
  • "You have no idea of the power that you are challenging!"
  • "You will die. If not by my hand... theirs!"
  • "You will fall at my feet!"
  • "You will not stand in the way of this."
  • "You will regret your interference!"
  • "Your determination is matched only by your savagery."
  • "Your interference will cost you dearly."
  • "Your persistence... ends now!" (the player defeats the current wave of Banished)
  • "Your presence is only a distraction."
  • "Your resistance is... unwise."
  • "Your toys are worthless!"

Audio logs[edit]

The Prisoner[edit]

#5 - Barely Anything Left

  • "This is what you've brought me? There's barely anything left."
  • "Were you treated unjustly in his Tower, human? We are not so different in this. I too know intimately of injustice. To be sentenced for crimes not your own."
  • "Quiet. I shall talk, and you shall listen."

#7 - 42410-02214-LB

  • "Do you see why it must be done? These primitives, these... Banished. We both have watched our worlds crumble under the instruments of Forerunner arrogance. Your kind were once their rivals. A long time ago. You were spared. Forgiven. A luxury not afforded to us. To those they could not control. Humanity was the culmination of their final plan. But plans change. We are returning."