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The Command Spire
Command Spire Observation Platform


Halo Infinite




c. May 28, 2560[1]


Reformation Command Spire, Installation 07


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The Command Spire is the twelfth campaign main mission in Halo Infinite, under the fifth campaign section "Reformation".


Chief and the Weapon enter the second Spire, ready to bring the Reformation to a halt. Inside, they learn that the Banished have been working to gain access to a secretive location called the Silent Auditorium. They shut down the Spires and await extraction by the Pilot, when suddenly the Pelican is hijacked by a Spartan Killer and steered north, away from the crumbling facility. The Weapon quickly opens a portal, and escapes with Chief in pursuit of their friend.



The Chief continues his ascent to the Command Spire via the Gravity Lift, which runs in parallel with four purple-yellow energy beams (the same color as the beam weapons used by Zeta Halo's Sentinels).

  • The Harbinger: "Do you have any idea of what you are interfering with? The Monitor's Encephalon has served its purpose! The Reformation has begun. Nothing can stop it."

The Chief arrives inside the Command Spire.

  • Harbinger: "They will be found!"

Aggressor Sentinels attack the Chief as he steps off the elevator.

If the Chief tries to access the terminal before killing all the Sentinels:

  • Weapon: (annoyed) "Not now. Sentinels first."

The Chief eliminates the attacking Sentinels.

  • Weapon: "Get me to that terminal and we can end this now."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


The Weapon shoots the Chief a cold look, before turning around and hacking the terminal.

  • Weapon: (studying the data) "The Spires are all now active." (noticing something) "Oh."
  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Weapon: (curtly) "I wasn't talking to you."

She turns her attention back to the data.

  • Weapon: "The Reformation is being focused on a specific area called... the Silent Auditorium. Interestingly... all the records of its purpose are missing."

She turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "The only way up is through there."

She points upward with both hands.

  • Weapon: "Let's get this over with."

The Chief starts to reach for the Weapon, but pauses, as if expecting her to say something else. When she remains silent, he uploads her back into his armor.


A section of wall lowers itself and splits apart, exposing a shaft through which one of the four energy beams flows.

If the Chief gets too close to the beam:

  • Weapon: (sardonically) "Wouldn't get too close to that. Unless you want to die. That beam will incinerate you."

Avoiding the beam, the Chief uses his Grappleshot to climb the platforms and ledges surrounding the beam, moving himself up the shaft in a circular fashion.

  • Weapon: "Ask him."
  • Pilot (COM): "Chief?"

The Chief doesn't reply.

  • Pilot (COM): "I guess not. Well, from what I saw, something bad happened. She... you were stuck. In pain. Trapped."
  • Weapon: "And he was going to delete me."
  • Pilot (COM): (startled) "What? Chief? Really?"
  • Weapon: "He doesn't talk much. He's more of what you might call a man of action. Especially when it comes to killing things. Right, Chief?"

The Chief ignores her and continues to climb the energy beam shaft. After reaching the top of the shaft, he steps into an adjacent chamber containing a Crucible. After eliminating the Sentinels patrolling the room, he searches for a Power seed.

If the Chief spends too much time wandering around:

  • Weapon: (patronizingly) "A little lost, huh? Think scanning for clues might help?"

The Chief locates a Power seed, retrieves it, and returns to the Crucible. After dealing with another Sentinel patrol, he inserts the power seed into the Crucible. A seal on center of the floor slides open, enabling the gravity lift below to extend to this section of the Spire. The Chief enters the gravity lift and ascends to the next level.

Arriving at the next level, he finds racks of Banished weaponry, indicating the presence of Banished troops in the immediate vicinity. After arming himself appropriately, he heads up a ramp and discovers a manufacturing chamber behind a glass window. Within the chamber, the Forerunner machinery is busy assembling the components needed to rebuild the Silent Auditorium.

  • Weapon: "The Spire is active. And yes. Before you say it, I know it needs to be shut down but... (in genuine awe) look at it. It's accelerating the Reformation. Creating raw materials and sending them out."
  • John-117: "To repair the Ring?"
  • Weapon: "Obviously. Or something more specific."
  • John-117: "Something dangerous?"
  • Weapon: "Probably. Everything has the potential to be dangerous. Right?"

The Chief continues his journey up the Spire and soon encounters Banished troops and the Harbinger's Skimmers.

The Chief fights his way through many enemies, including a Sangheili Warlord. He then steps onto a portal and is teleported to another section of the Spire. He fights his way through several chambers, where the newly forged building blocks are being transported through the Command Spire.

In the third transport chamber, he overhears a couple of Unggoy conversing.

  • Unggoy 1: "I thought we won this war already! Killed all the humans! What gives? We wouldn't be in this mess if stupid Atriox had done his job!"
  • Unggoy 2: (hushed tone) "You want the Brutes to hear you talking like that? Keep it down!"

The Chief eventually finds another gravity lift, which he uses to ascend to the next level. He then enters a much larger transport chamber, where he has to fight through Banished, Skimmers, and Sentinels, all united in defense of the Reformation.

  • Sangheili Ultra: "The Silent Auditorium belongs to the Banished! This Ring WILL be ours!"

After defeating all these enemies, the Chief finds another floor portal and teleports to a hallway.

  • Pilot (COM): "Are you two done yet?"
  • Weapon: "Totally."
  • Pilot (COM): "I mean the Spire."
  • Weapon: "So did I. Mostly. We're nearly at the top."
  • Pilot (COM): "Good, because something is being built... well... rebuilt."
  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Pilot (COM): "Something big."

The Master Chief enters the next chamber, where he finds a very unwelcome surprise waiting for him.

For Adjutant Resolution's dialogue during the fight, see here.


  • Adjutant Resolution: "I regret to inform you that this will be our last encounter."


  • Adjutant Resolution: "I will no longer tolerate your interference!"
  • Weapon: "Oh, good. Him again."

Sentinels arrive to reinforce the Sub-Monitor.

  • Weapon: "Oh look. He brought friends. Did you hear me? He. Has. Friends."

True to his word, Adjutant Resolution's new combat chassis is much more powerful and durable than the previous version. Nevertheless, after a lengthy battle, the Chief manages to defeat both the Sub-Monitor (again) and his "friends".

  • Weapon: "That's him dealt with. Again. There should be an elevator that will get us up top."

The Chief locates the elevator and rides it up to the Observation Platform.

Fade to black.

Loading Screen.


The Chief arrives at the Observation Platform. A contingent of Banished troops is also present.

  • Weapon: "I guess we made it. And it looks like we aren't the only ones."

The Chief eliminates all Banished troops. The shield surrounding the Platform then lowers, and a Banished Phantom attacks.

  • Weapon: "That's not good."

Fortunately, the Banished have stocked the Observation Platform with a number of heavy weapons which the Chief arms himself with. He either outright destroys the Phantom or disables all of its weapons, forcing it to disengage.

A second Phantom arrives almost immediately after.

  • Weapon: "Let's hope this is the last one."

On cue, a third Phantom arrives.

  • Weapon: (annoyed) "Another Phantom? Please."

Even for the Chief, fighting two Phantoms at the same time is not an easy task. Eventually, though, he either destroys the Phantoms or disables their weapons and forces them to retreat.

  • Weapon: "Well... I guess that's done. We're safe. For now."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto the Platform's terminal.


  • Weapon: "You're sure it's okay if I do this?"
  • John-117: "If it's safe."
  • Weapon: (deadpanned) "Or you'll delete me, right? Good luck with that."

The Weapon uses Despondent Pyre's Encephalon to access the Spires.

  • Weapon: (sighs) "Yes, it worked. No, there's not a problem. Three, two, one." (she snaps her fingers) "We're done."
  • John-117: "It's never done."

Scene focuses in on the Weapon.

  • Weapon: "Explain this to me. I waited. Six months. I've done everything you've asked! I was supposed to be deleted! You're the reason I'm still here! You! All of this? You could not have done it without me! None of it!"

She turns to the Chief, who has his back to her.

  • Weapon: "I trusted you! Why can't you do the same?"

The Chief abruptly turns around to face her.

  • John-117: "You don't understand."
  • Weapon: "Try me!"

He trails off, unable to continue.

  • Weapon: "Is gone! Dead. All that's left are echoes and sooner or later they'll be gone too."
  • John-117: "Will they?"

He turns away from her.

Echo 216 arrives.

  • Pilot (COM): "Are you two alive? All the Spires are shutting down! You did that, right? Did we win or what?"
  • Weapon: (to the Pilot) "He's ready for pickup!" (to the Chief) "You can leave me here."

The Chief steps towards her.

  • John-117: "I can't do that."
  • Weapon: "I'm not giving you a choice." (glances at the approaching Pelican) "Try not to get him killed too."

The Pelican is close enough to the Platform that the Pilot can now be seen in the cockpit.

  • Pilot (COM): "Okay. Let's get out of here-"

Suddenly, Jega 'Rdomnai de-cloaks inside the cockpit.

  • Weapon: "Uh, Chief?"

Jega starts stabbing at the Pelican's controls with his crimson energy sword.

  • Weapon: "Chief!"

The Chief leaps off the Observation Platform and onto the Pelican's cockpit. He starts punching the canopy, attempting to get inside and save the Pilot, but to no avail. The Pilot struggles with the damaged controls and the Pelican bucks wildly, throwing the Chief off and back onto the platform.

  • Pilot (COM): (terrified) "Chief!"

The Pelican, now under Jega's control, flies away from the Spire.

  • John-117: "Track it."
  • Weapon: (begins hacking the terminal) "Already doing it."
  • John-117: "Open a gate. Find somewhere close."

The Weapon is taken aback by this order.

  • Weapon: "It's not that simple."
  • John-117: "Why?"
  • Weapon: "Okay, it's kinda simple, but... risky."

The Chief turns to her.

  • John-117: (firmly) "We save him. Or die trying."
  • Weapon: "There's a pretty high chance that could happen. It's hard to lock down the coordinates."

The Chief thinks it over for a second before making his decision.

  • John-117: "Do it!"

The Weapon grunts as she extracts large quantities of data, before thrusting her hand out and unleashing a pulse.

  • Weapon: "Portal's open!"

The Chief retrieves her and dashes into the portal.

Level ends.


The following achievements can be unlocked on The Command Spire across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
Halo Infinite Achievement Hear These Words achievement art Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Hear These Words! Infiltrated the Command Spire and put an end to the Reformation.


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