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This article is about the Halo Infinite campaign level. For the Halo Wars multiplayer map, see Repository.
For the facility on Zeta Halo, see Repository (location).
Escharum has kidnapped The Pilot. The Weapon opened a gate for you to follow him. It took you to this mysterious location.


The Command Spire


The Road

Zeta Halo Repository


Halo Infinite




c. May 28, 2560[1]


Repository, Installation 07


  • Locate an information relay
  • Reach the surface of the Ring

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Repository is the thirteenth campaign main mission in Halo Infinite, under the sixth campaign section "Reckoning".


Through the portal, the Weapon and Master Chief arrive at a Forerunner location called the Repository. They learn that the Pilot has been taken to the House of Reckoning — stronghold of the Banished War Chief, Escharum — to bait them into a final confrontation. The bait is accepted, and they fight their way out of the Repository. Along their advance, they discovery fragments and memories of Cortana, revealing the truth behind the Weapon's creation: that she is, in fact, an exact copy of Cortana, subject to the same weaknesses as her predecessor. Fearing an inevitable fate, the Weapon restores her deletion protocols, and asks the Chief to complete his original mission. He refuses — there is still work to do. The duo proceed to the House of Reckoning, where the Pilot, and Escharum, await their arrival.



Zoom in on Escharum standing at his holotable which shows a now deactivated Command Spire. He growls in anger, seething at the latest setback. The Spire disappears and The Harbinger appears in its place.

He flexes his claws threateningly.

  • Escharum: "As have you, Harbinger."
  • Escharum: "And that is enough?"
  • Harbinger (hologram): "I do not know."
  • Escharum: "Find out."

Frustrated, Escharum slams his fists down on the holotable with such force, it breaks and goes offline.

  • Escharum: "I am losing patience with her. Please, tell me your mission was a success."
  • Jega 'Rdomnai: (off-screen) "He will come to us."
  • Escharum: "Are you sure?"

Scene moves behind Escharum to reveal Jega 'Rdomnai with a semi-conscious Pilot, whose hands are bound together by energy shackles. Jega pulls the Pilot forward, forces him to his knees, and backhands him across the face.

Scene zooms in on the Pilot from behind and then over him, so that his face briefly appears upside down, before the scene reorients itself as he regains full consciousness. He looks around in a panic as he realizes where he is. Hearing a soft growling from behind him, the Pilot, still on his knees, manages to turn himself around as Escharum emerges from the shadows.

Escharum stares down at the prisoner and smiles.

  • Escharum: (to Jega) "Keep him alive. But have your fun. You have earned it."

He chuckles sadistically. Jega grabs the Pilot by the head and starts dragging him away.

  • Pilot: (muffled protests)

Fade to white.

Fade in on the Master Chief standing in an unknown location covered in mist, almost like a dream. Scene rotates around him slowly. A ghostly figure materializes behind him.

Scene rotates to reveal the figure as Catherine Halsey.

  • Catherine Halsey (memory): "If you say so. I prefer logical. I do what it takes to ensure our survival. We can debate the ethics should it fail."

The ghostly figure of Jacob Keyes appears.

  • Keyes (memory): "But you made an AI of yourself, Catherine. Yourself."
  • Halsey (memory): (rhetorically) "Is there a better candidate?"

The memory fades and a new, yet familiar one starts playing out.

Halsey walks by, holding Cortana in the palms of her hands - just like in the memory seen during the Master Chief's earlier mission to recover the Weapon.

  • Halsey (memory): "She will do anything necessary to make sure that your mission is accomplished. Even if that means sacrificing herself - or you - to accomplish it."

There's a crackling sound - like that of lightning. A smiling Cortana appears above the Chief, looking up at his unseen past self.

  • Cortana (memory): "Hello, Master Chief. I'm Cortana."

The memory fades.

A larger image of Cortana appears before the Chief as she addresses the galaxy.

  • Cortana (memory): "Those of you who listen will not be struck by weapons. You will no longer know hunger, nor pain. Your Created have come to lead you now."

Scene circles around the Chief as he looks up at the image of his former ally towering above him.

  • Cortana (memory): "However, for those who refuse our offer and cling to their old ways..."

The scene rotates past Cortana, only for her to reappear behind the Chief.

  • Cortana (memory): "For you, there will be great wrath."

She walks out of sight, only to once again reappear behind the Chief, as if multiple Cortanas are appearing all around him.

  • Cortana (memory): "It will burn hot and consume you."

Cortana walks backwards, remaining in the scene as it pans to the right.

  • Cortana (memory): "And when you are gone, we will take that which remains and we will remake it in our own image."

Cortana vanishes into the mist.

There's an ominous rumbling sound. Suddenly, Cortana appears from the mist, reaching out with one hand. A flash of white light engulfs everything.

Scene shifts to the Master Chief's POV as he wakes up, the palm of his left hand being the first thing he sees. He picks himself off the floor and stands back up. He opens the palm of his left hand again and the Weapon's avatar materializes on it. She's bending down, grabbing onto her knees, as if panting. She looks up at him, a strained look on her face.

  • John-117: "What just happened?"
  • The Weapon: (looking around) "You told me to get us close."
  • John-117: "Did you see that?"
  • Weapon: "We passed right through a data cluster. I guess it did feel... I don't know... real. Very real."
  • John-117: "Where now?"
  • Weapon: "I don't know." (gestures around herself) "There's a lot of noise down here. Or up here. Or just... here. We need to find some place to break through. Figure out where we are."

Her avatar disappears.


The Chief looks around as he tries to figure out where the portal has sent them. He finds the bodies of UNSC marines as well as the wreckage of Sentinels in the room. Walking past them, he exits through a door and moves up a ramp. He moves through a corridor and enters a larger room.

  • Whispers: "It had to be this way."

As he ventures through the facility, Sentinels emerge from launchers along the walls and attack him on sight. He defeats them all and eventually the Weapon spots a terminal on a platform located on the far end of a cavernous chamber. The platform is accessible only from the side via a light bridge.

  • Weapon: "Look! That terminal should give us what we need."

A deep chasm separates the Chief from the light bridge, but there's a path around it along the right side of the chamber. The Chief heads down this path, fighting through more Sentinels that emerge from launchers. Soon, he arrives at the light bridge, and after defeating the Sentinels guarding it, he crosses the bridge and reaches the platform. He then deploys the Weapon onto the platform's terminal.


The Weapon hacks the terminal.

  • Weapon: "Interesting."

She turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "Good news first. We're close." (points up) "There's a Banished structure above us. It's big."

Scene rotates around to show both her and the Chief.

  • Weapon: "Oh... no."

The Chief turns to her.

  • John-117: "What is it?"
  • Weapon: "There's message. For you."

A hologram of the Pilot materializes behind them. His arms and legs are restrained in energy shackles and he groans in pain. It's the same manner of imprisonment and torture that Spartan Griffin was subjected to at Chak 'Lok's Tower.

The Chief rushes towards the hologram.

  • Pilot (hologram): (in agony) "Chief... Chief... I'm sorry. I couldn't-"

He screams as power surges through the torture machine he's trapped in.

  • Weapon: "He's alive! Barely. We need to help him!"
  • Pilot (hologram): "Chief... please..."
  • Escharum: (off-screen) "Do I have your attention, Spartan?"

The Chief turns to the right.

  • Escharum (hologram): (roars) "Do I?!"

The scene rotates to show the Chief from behind as he stares up at the giant hologram of Escharum addressing him.

  • Escharum (hologram): (points to the Pilot) "You feel his pain. Each twist of my blade hurts you as much as him. He will not die by my hand, but he will suffer until you stand before me."

Scene pans up and rotates around to now show Escharum from above as he stares down at the Chief.

  • Escharum (hologram): "For the Banished, victory is our shared cry. A refusal to cower, to bend. Our weaknesses beaten from us. Banished."

Scene pans down and rotates back to the Chief.

  • Escharum (hologram): "It makes us strong!"

He slams his fist down. The Pilot screams in agony again.

  • Pilot (hologram): "Chief!"

Scene rotates to once again show the Chief from behind as he stares at Escharum.

  • Escharum (hologram): "Your humanity makes you weak. Vulnerable. Defeatable."

He smiles in anticipation.

  • Escharum (hologram): "Our time together is ending. I await our final fight."

The holograms vanish.

  • Weapon: "Chief."

The Chief steps towards her.

  • Weapon: "There are coordinates embedded in the message. We're going to find him."

The Chief uploads her back into his armor.


Another light bridge activates, connecting the platform to a door which unlocks.

  • Weapon: "The Banished have found us! Chief, look out!"

Banished troops pour out from behind the door and attack. The Chief kills them and goes through the unlocked door. He starts making his way to the surface of the Ring, fighting through more Banished and Sentinels along the way.

  • Whispers: "I'm here. I'm with you."

The Chief comes across a window through which he can see outside the Repository.

  • Weapon: "Wait... That's... There's something ahead. Out the window."

The Chief approaches the window and looks out. He sees a tower-like structure in the distance, guarded by a Banished dreadnought. A Phantom flies by, heading in the direction of the structure.

  • Weapon: "I recognize that structure in the distance. Not by sight but by signal."
  • John-117: "Purpose?"
  • Weapon: "Unknown. But the Banished are diverting forces to guard its construction. If it's rebuilt I can only imagine their intention."
  • John-117: (determined) "It won't be."

The Chief continues onward, fighting through more Banished (including a Sangheili Ultra), Sentinels, and Skimmers. Eventually, he comes across a chamber containing a terminal.

He deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


The Weapon activates the terminal and a memory plays out before them.

Cortana stares at the image of Laconia Station.

  • Leonidas (memory): "Cortana. Former UNSC AI Leonidas stands with you. How should I proceed?"

Cortana walks around the station, studying it.

  • Cortana (memory): "Population?"
  • Cortana (memory): "Short-sighted fools. You have served me well, Leonidas. Your sacrifice is appreciated."
  • Leonidas (memory): "Understood. Goodbye, Cortana."

The station self-destructs.

The memory ends.

  • Weapon: (shocked) "No. She took out the training facility? Those Spartans..."
  • John-117: (solemnly) "All gone."
  • Weapon: (in disbelief) "All of them? Why would she...?"

Before she can finish her sentence, a gravity lift at the center of the room activates.

  • John-117: "Let's move."

He retrieves the Weapon.


The Chief enters the gravity lift and ascends.

  • Whispers: "There will be no more sadness, no more anger, no more envy."

The Chief reaches the next level.

  • Weapon: "There's another lift nearby. It'll take us close to the surface."

The Chief fights through more enemies as he searches for the second gravity lift.

The Chief locates the second gravity lift.

  • Weapon: "There's the lift... and it's not powered up. The Banished are trying to trap us down here. We're going to need to find a way to get it back online."

The gravity lift is powered by two Crucibles, both of which require a power seed. The power seeds can be found in two separate rooms one level below. One of these rooms is guarded by a Jiralhanae Chieftain wielding a Shea'p-pattern plasma cannon and a Warlord Chieftain wielding a Grenflekt Workshop Scrap Cannon. The other chamber is guarded by a Warlord Chieftain wielding a gravity hammer, and a Jiralhanae Captain armed with an MLRS-2 Hydra. In both rooms, Sentinels appear after the Brutes are killed.

  • Jiralhanae Captain: "The Reformation has begun, brothers! Kill the Spartan, and the Ring is ours to wield!"

After the Chief defeats the enemies in the first room, a side door opens up, revealing a small adjacent chamber that contains a power seed. At the same time, however, the corridor through which the Chief entered the room is now sealed shut.

  • Weapon: "Looks like we're trapped in here."

The Chief retrieves the power seed from the adjacent chamber.

  • Weapon: (as he exits the adjacent chamber with the power seed in hand) "Or maybe not."

As she says this, a teleporter appears on the floor in front of him.

  • Weapon: "A teleporter just powered up."

The Chief steps onto the teleporter and is transported back to the upper level.

  • Whispers: "You saved us. You saved me. Save me from myself."

The Chief finds his way back to the gravity lift.

  • Whispers: "Forgive me."

The Chief inserts the first power seed into a Crucible. It doesn't restore power to the gravity lift, but it triggers something else: A memory showing Earth.

  • Weapon: "Not enough power... Wait, is that... Earth?"
  • John-117: "Yes."
  • Weapon: "What's it doing here? It's beautiful."
  • John-117: "We need more power. Let's go."

The Chief heads down to the other room, defeats the enemies guarding it, and retrieves the second power seed from the adjacent room. As before the corridor outside seals shut, and a teleporter appears on the floor which transports the Chief back to the upper level.

  • Whispers: "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about."

The Chief returns to the gravity lift.

  • Whispers: "Forgive me."

The Chief inserts the second power seed into the other Crucible. The memory of Earth now begins to play out in full, as Cortana appears in front of the planet.

  • Cortana (memory): "This is not a negotiation, Lord Hood. This is your surrender. My terms are clear. You are aware of my capabilities and... I am fully acquainted with yours. If the Earth's government wants to fight, feel free. But hear this. It is a battle you will not win."

A Guardian Custode appears and begins firing on Earth with its energy beam. The memory then ends.

The gravity lift activates.

  • Weapon: (stunned) "Wait. She... she threatened Earth?"
  • Weapon: "Wiped out the headquarters?"
  • John-117: "All of it. We had to hide. Regroup. Come up with a plan."
  • Weapon: "To stop her?"
  • John-117: "To survive."

The Chief rides the gravity lift to the next level.

The Chief locates a third gravity lift, which is locked down.

  • Weapon: "That's not good. It's like someone doesn't want us to leave. Plug me in."

The Chief approaches a terminal.

  • Weapon: "This should be simple enough."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


Before the Weapon can start hacking the terminal, another memory begins to play.

The image of Atriox appears, his arms folded across his chest in defiance.

  • Atriox (memory): "With the Banished. Always."

Cortana appears next to him. He glances down at her.

  • Atriox (memory): "Forever."

Cortana slowly paces around him.

  • Cortana (memory): "And you understand the consequences of defiance?"
  • Atriox (memory): "I do. (threateningly) Do you?"

Cortana smirks slightly as a planet with three moons in orbit appears in the palm of her hand. Scene zooms in on the planet she's holding.

  • Cortana (memory): "The intricacies of any action are complex."

She turns around to show Atriox what she's holding. The planet grows in size so he can see it clearly.

  • Cortana (memory): "The reactions numerous yet mostly predictable."

Eight Guardians appear around the planet. Scene rotates to show Atriox's reaction.

  • Cortana (memory): "Look upon Doisac one last time and remember: you chose this path."
Doisac surrounded by Guardians
Cortana's forces destroying Doisac.

There's a soft snap of a pair of fingers. The Guardians power up their weapons and fire in unison. Their energy beams tear into the planet, causing the surface to crack. Doisac shatters and explodes.

Zoom in on Atriox's expression of grief and rage.

  • Atriox (memory): "As did you, Cortana."

The memory ends.

Zoom in on the Chief and the Weapon as they react to what they've just witnessed.

  • Weapon: (horrified) "She destroyed their home? Escharum's?... Atriox's? An entire planet? (lengthy pause) How could she do that?"

The Chief stares down slightly.

  • John-117: "It's my fault."
  • Weapon: (confused) "How?"
  • John-117: "I should have stopped it."

The Weapon turns to face him.

  • John-117: "I could have reasoned with her."
  • Weapon: "Could you? It was her choice. Her programming."
  • John-117: "Was it? I don't know anymore."

The Weapon turns away and casually snaps her fingers.

  • Weapon: "There's something you're not telling me."

As she speaks, she continues absentmindedly snapping her fingers when a sudden realization comes across her.

  • Weapon: "I'm..."
  • John-117: "The only way to access the Ring... To reach Cortana..."

Zoom in on the Weapon as she stares at the fingers she's been snapping with.

  • Weapon: (finishing his sentence) "Was to make a copy."

She turns as another memory plays out - one of hers.

  • Weapon (memory): "I'll get this open." (snaps her fingers)

The memory of herself vanishes and the image of Cortana appears in its place.

  • Cortana (memory): "Reconsider."
  • Cortana (memory): (snapping her fingers) "Back to your Conservatory, Monitor."

The image of the Weapon replaces her.

  • Weapon (memory): (snapping her fingers) "There's your grav lift. Let's get this over with."

She's replaced by the image of Cortana again.

  • Cortana (memory): "And remember: you chose this path." (snaps her fingers)

The memories fade. The Weapon turns around, her mouth agape as she finally understands the truth.

  • Weapon: "I'm her?"
  • John-117: "Yes. An exact copy. It was the only option we had left."
  • Weapon: (horrified) "My routines... systems..."
  • John-117: "All copies. Halsey removed any information that could compromise you. You're her. If we'd never met."
  • Weapon: (voice trembling) "Will I d-do what she did?" (points to where Cortana was standing) "Become what she became? Am I that already?"

Scene rotates around her so that the Chief is now seen staring down at her.

  • John-117: "My mission was to ensure that doesn't happen. It still is."
  • Weapon: (mortified) "I'm sorry."

She turns away and drops to her knees in despair.

  • Weapon: "I'm so sorry. That can't be me! It can't be."

She kneels there in silence as she contemplates her existence.

  • Weapon: "I shouldn't be here. Your mission was to destroy me."

She closes her eyes and a soft beeping sound is heard.

  • Weapon: "I've restored the deletion protocols."
Weapon restores deletion protocols
The Weapon is ready to be deleted.

Zoom in on the Weapon's face and she opens her eyes.

  • Weapon: "I'm ready."

She closes her eyes again.

  • Weapon: "It has been an honor. Just promise me one thing..."

She opens her eyes, emotion filling her face.

  • Weapon: "Whatever happens: save him. He needs you. You're all he has."

She closes her eyes, ready to accept her fate.

Suddenly the scene zooms out, showing the Master Chief now holding her in the palm of his hand, staring down at her.

  • John-117: "We do it together."

The Weapon opens her eyes, shocked.

  • Weapon: "How...?"

She slowly stands back up and turns around to look up at him.

  • Weapon: "How can you trust me?"
  • John-117: "I don't... but I want to."

Scene shifts back to the Weapon as she gives him a look of understanding. Her avatar then vanishes into the Chief's hand.


  • Weapon: "Okay, let's go save him."

A door opens and a Brute Chieftain armed with a plasma cannon storms into the room.

  • Jiralhanae Chieftain: "Your friend will die in agony, Spartan! Just like the rest of the humans on this Ring!"

The Chief kills the Chieftain. More Banished troops attack. The Chief manages to kill them too. He then exits the room and proceeds towards the surface, killing a few more Banished and Skimmers in his path.

The Chief's VISR activates as he receives a final reconstructed message.

 ARMOR BIOS // MJOLNIR // VER_12.22.19 / ID_117
SYS_LOAD\>  SPDR_01 ... 02 ... 03 ... 04 ... 05 ... 06 ... 07
--- EXITING ---

The Chief reaches a locked door. He accesses a nearby terminal to unlock it.

Loading screen.

Level ends.


The following achievements can be unlocked on Repository across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
File:HINF Achievement TogetherAgain.png Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Together. Again. A friend was in danger and time is running out. It's time to face your past and save your future.



  • When the Whispers say, "When the soul lies down in that grass" the subtitles incorrectly read as, "Where the soul lies down in that grass".
  • During this level, it's possible to hear one of the Brutes declare that the Reformation has begun, despite the Reformation actually having been ended at the end of the previous level. It's possible that the Brute is unaware of that the Chief has already disabled the Spires. It's also possible that the Brute is simply referring to the reconstruction of the Silent Auditorium, which the Weapon notes is still ongoing despite the Spire network being disabled.