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This article is about the Halo Infinite campaign level. For the Halo: Reach multiplayer map, see Spire (map).




Pelican Down

Adjutant Resolution greeting John-117 and the Weapon.


Halo Infinite




c. May 28, 2560[1]


Reformation Spire, Installation 07


  • Enter the Forerunner structure
  • Explore the structure to learn its purpose
  • Defeat Adjutant Resolution

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Pursue the Harbinger into this mysterious Forerunner structure.

Spire is the eighth campaign main mission in Halo Infinite, under the third campaign section "Connections".


On the trail of the Harbinger, Chief and the Weapon exit the Conservatory into a Forerunner construct called the Spire. There they meet submonitor Adjutant Resolution, who guides them through the ancient structure and reveals its purpose: the reconstruction of Zeta Halo. Master Chief orders the Weapon to halt the Reformation, enraging Adjutant Resolution and inciting a battle with the submonitor. Victorious, Chief and the Weapon initiate shutdown of the Spire, revealing a network of structures like it across the Ring. As the Spire collapses around them, the duo resolve to locate and neutralize the remaining Spires before Halo is once again made operable.

Pelican Down immediately begins when this mission is complete.



The Chief continues looking at the giant Forerunner structure that has just finished its transformation. Behind him, the Conservatory seals itself shut.

  • Weapon: "Yeah... do you know what it is?"
  • John-117: "No."
  • Weapon: "The Harbinger said the Endless will be found. Maybe they're inside that thing."
  • John-117: "Only one way to find out."

The Chief heads off towards the structure.

If the Chief stalls or does some other activity:

  • Weapon: "Look, I'll just admit it: I'm REALLY curious about what's inside that Forerunner structure. Let's go find out."


  • Weapon: "Can't stop thinking about all the cryptic stuff the Harbinger said. Whatever "the Endless" is... I think we'll find out in that Forerunner structure."

The Chief arrives at the structure and engages the Banished troops guarding the outer perimeter. After dealing with the garrison, as well as the reinforcements that arrive, he heads to the base of the structure where he encounters a Mgalekgolo pair.

  • Weapon: "Who are these guys?"
  • John-117: "Hunters."
  • Weapon: "And what do they do? Don't answer that. Just get rid of them so I can get us in."

After a lengthy fight, the Chief eliminates the Hunters.

  • Weapon: "To get in we need to activate the grav-lift."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto a nearby terminal.


The Weapon studies the terminal's data.

  • Weapon: "Hmm. The protocol's not Banished in origin. It's... sturdier than I expected."

The Weapon begins hacking the terminal.

  • John-117: "Problem?"

The Weapon snaps her fingers, activating the gravity lift.

  • Weapon: "No problem."

The Chief uploads her back into his armor.


The Chief steps onto the grav-lift and ascends into the structure.

Fade to black

Level resumes after loading screen


The Chief gets off the grav-lift.

  • Weapon: "We're in."

The Chief begins to explore the structure, which is completely devoid of Banished troops.

  • Weapon: (excited) "Wow! This place is... exactly what you'd expect."
  • John-117: "What does it do?"
  • Weapon: "Unknown. Find me somewhere to plug in and I'll try to find out."

After a bit of searching, the Chief finds a terminal.

  • Weapon: "There we go. Plug me in over there."

The Chief deploys the Weapon onto the terminal.


The Weapon looks around.

  • Weapon: "Interesting. This structure has been activated using a protocol that's far older than anything I've ever seen. It... it knows we're here."

Scene rotates to reveal a blue-eyed Monitor approaching them.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Welcome, welcome. Oh. Hello. I am Adjutant Resolution, Sub-Monitor of this installation, loyal servant of Despondent Pyre who must be indisposed if I have been activated. Have you seen her?"
  • Weapon: "Kinda..."

She turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "Do you want to tell him?"
  • Adjutant Resolution: "Tell me what?"
  • John-117: "The Monitor is gone."
  • Adjutant Resolution: (stunned) "Gone? Gone? Gone?"
  • Weapon: (nervously) "It wasn't us."
  • Adjutant Resolution: (suspiciously) "Are you sure?"

The Weapon holds up her hands.

  • Weapon: "Of course it wasn't us."
  • Adjutant Resolution: (relieved) "Good. Good. Good. I was worried you were perhaps unfriendly. As you can see, this Spire has been successfully deployed."

He "gestures" to them.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "This way. I presume you wish to see the Observation Platform."

Without waiting for a response, the Sub-Monitor floats off to a locked door. The Chief and the Weapon exchange looks before he uploads her back into his armor.


  • Weapon: "See? He seems friendly."
  • John-117: (skeptically) "We'll see."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "Did you say something? (pause) No? Then come, come. There is much to see."

The Sub-Monitor fires a blue energy beam at the door, unlocking it.

The Chief follows the Monitor through the Spire.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Come along, please."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "This situation is most unexpected... and illuminating."
  • Adjutant Resolution: "I was created by Despondent Pyre as friend... not a replacement. Strange times."

They reach the end of a corridor.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Oh. I am sorry. The portal should have been activated. One moment."

He fires his repair beam into the floor, activating the portal.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Please... step into the portal."

The Chief steps onto the portal and is teleported to another corridor. Adjutant Resolution teleports in as well. The Sub-Monitor leads the Chief down the hallway.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Right this way."

The doors at the end of the corridor open up to a large, hollow chamber. The Chief steps out onto a ledge overlooking a deep chasm. The chamber is empty, save for an elevator platform at its center. The Sub-Monitor flies over to it, apparently unaware that the Chief can't follow.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "There's something missing? (realizes) Oh, yes. A bridge. One moment."

He flies back over and fires his repair beam at the ledge the Chief is standing on. A light bridge materializes, allowing access to the elevator.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Let us proceed."

The Chief crosses the light bridge.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "It is very exciting. Soon the sequence will be sent and the Reformation can begin."

The Chief reaches the elevator. Adjutant Resolution fires his repair beam at the elevator's control terminal. The elevator begins its ascent.

Fade to black.

Level resumes after loading screen.


The elevator brings the Chief to the Observation Platform. As its name indicates, up here one can see the whole of the Zeta Halo fragment, as well as the smaller surrounding fragments.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Here we are. As you can see we are ready to progress as soon as..."

Something catches his attention.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "Please excuse me. I shall return."

Adjutant Resolution teleports away.

  • Weapon: (hushed voice) "Get me to that terminal."

The Chief heads over to a terminal at the edge of the Observation Platform and plugs the Weapon in.


The Weapon begins studying the data.

  • Weapon: "Oh. That's not so bad. This structure's purpose is simple: Rebuild the Ring. Well... more specifically, create the materials needed to repair it."
  • John-117: (bluntly) "Not gonna happen."
  • Weapon: "Why? It's such a beautiful... (realizes) Oh, the Banished. Sorry. I was distracted for a second. There's so much to learn here."
  • John-117. "Shut it down. Permanently."

Adjutant Resolution suddenly flies out from behind him.

  • Adjutant Resolution: (alarmed) "No, no, no!"

His eye turns red as he prepares to open fire on the Weapon. The Master Chief steps in front of her, deflects the Sub-Monitor's energy beam, and quickly uploads the Weapon back into his armor.

  • Adjutant Resolution: "What are you doing?! This is not acceptable!"

Adjutant Resolution flies over to the center of the platform. A heavily armed and armored Sentinel-like chassis emerges from the floor.

  • Adjutant Resolution: (angrily) "You were supposed to be friendly."

He enters the chassis, which powers up its weapons.


For Adjutant Resolution's dialogue during the fight, see here.

Despite Adjutant Resolution's superior technology, he's not programmed for warfare and is outmaneuvered by the more experienced Master Chief. Eventually, the Chief damages the Sub-Monitor's armored chassis badly enough that it crashes and explodes. Adjutant Resolution does not emerge from the wreckage. Presuming the Sub-Monitor to have been vanquished, the Chief returns to the terminal and deploys the Weapon again.


The Weapon starts hacking the Spire's systems.

  • Weapon: "I have good news and bad news."
  • John-117: (already knowing what the bad news is) "How many?"
  • Weapon: "Okay, straight to the bad news. A lot. I count nine... no, ten Spires. More being deployed all the time."
  • John-117: "Active?"
  • Weapon: "No... not yet at least. They appear to be waiting for an initialization sequence. Something is flooding the network trying to start it but there's resistance."
  • John-117: "Why?"
  • Weapon: "The protocol that triggered all this wasn't exactly correct. It worked... well, it started the process."

She turns to the Chief.

  • Weapon: "There's more bad news. I can't shut it down exactly, but I can remove it from the network."

She turns back around and starts hacking the terminal.

  • Weapon: "Of course. I can find the source of the attack. I just need to-"
  • John-117: "Wait. Is it safe?"
  • Weapon: (smiles and laughs) "C'mon. It's me. An infiltration program designed-"

A flash of bright yellow light interrupts her.

The Weapon's smile vanishes.

  • Weapon: "Oops. I think she knows I'm-"
  • Harbinger: "How are you doing this?"

The Chief looks around, trying to see where the voice is coming from. The Weapon begins pulling at invisible strands of data.

  • John-117: (turning back to the Weapon) "Disconnect."
  • Weapon: "Give me one second to get it-"
  • John-117: (sharply) "Now!"

Stunned by his tone, the Weapon turns to him.

  • Weapon: "It's done. Why don't you trust me?"

The Spire suddenly shakes violently.

  • John-117: "What was that?"

The ceiling begins lowering itself. There's a low whining sound as the Spire's systems start deactivating.

  • Weapon: "Maybe taking it offline wasn't such a great idea. We need to go. Like now."

The Chief uploads her into his armor and walks towards the edge of the Observation Platform, which is quickly disassembling itself.

  • John-117: (to Echo 216) "Immediate extraction. My location."
  • Pilot (COM): "Oh, God. It was you, wasn't it."

The shield around the Platform deactivates.

  • John-117: "Now!"
  • Pilot (COM): "I'm coming. I'm coming."

Zoom in on Echo 216 as it approaches the Observation Platform. Scene shifts back to the Chief, who takes a few steps back to get a running start before leaping off the Spire.

  • Pilot (COM): (exasperated) "Oh, c'mon..."

The classic Halo Theme plays as the Master Chief descends in free fall.

The Pelican swoops down in front of the Chief.

  • John-117: "Open up."

The Pelican's bay doors open. Some loose containers and other objects fly out as the Chief drops into the troop bay. He grabs onto one of the troop seats.

  • John-117: "Go!"

The Pelican pulls up and away from the Spire, which is now retracting its fins and lowering itself back onto the ground. Blue energy pulsates out of the structure, shaking the ground and kicking up dust clouds around the base.

The Pelican's troop bay doors close.

Cutscene transitions to the next level without pause.

Level ends


The following achievements can be unlocked on Spire across the all editions of Halo Infinite.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
Halo Infinite Achievement Hunter. Killer. achievement art Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Hunter. Killer. Defeated the Hunter pair stationed at the base of the Spire.
The icon for Pelican Down (achievement) Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous campaign-related achievements Pelican Down Shut down the first Spire and stopped Zeta's Reformation.