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Briglard on Installation 07.
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During or after May 28, 2560[1]

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Killed in battle by John-117[1]

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High Sumpter[2]


"Y'know what I learned from the earliest days of nipple academy? You gotta kill good to get by in this galaxy. You gotta kill real good! Look at the Covenants. We did a rebellions like a hundred years ago and even the flappy-mouth Sangheili learned just how mighty the Unggoy could be. Yeah, Balaho got glasses and we were all real sad and emotioning about it, but ya know what we got? Respects."
— Briglard during a propaganda broadcast on Installation 07.[3]

Briglard was a notorious Unggoy in service of the Banished holding the title of High Sumpter.[2] Briglard was present during the conflict on Installation 07 in early 2560 where he was killed by John-117.[1]


Covenant service[edit]

Having attended nipple academy,[3] Briglard served within the Covenant military toward the end of the Human-Covenant War, gaining notoriety for his particularly vicious and sadistic behavior on the battlefield. These actions were inspired by the Jiralhanae that he often associated with, and they earned him a high-priority target designation by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam's forces.[2]

Joining the Banished[edit]

After the war, Briglard joined the Banished. His infatuation with violence and ruthlessness earned him great respect among his peers, particularly the Jiralhanae that he was so fond of.[4] Briglard gained special status with the Banished for his ability to kill UNSC personnel at rates far outstripping other Unggoy, and in ways that were much more horrific and disturbing.[2]

While serving within the Banished as part of the Beholders of the One Vapor, Briglard earned the title of High Sumpter.[2] He participated in the Installation 07 conflict in 2560, where he was identified as a potential target of opportunity by the Weapon. Spartan-II John-117 hunted down and killed both Briglard and all the Banished forces accompanying him.[1]


Briglard wore a maroon combat harness similar to those fielded by Unggoy Mules.[1] He was also known to wield a modified Rohakadu-pattern plasma pistol called the Unbound Plasma Pistol;[2][1] according to Briglard, he was awarded the weapon for racking up a high kill count.[3] Like other Unggoy troops, Briglard carried plasma grenades.[2][1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Infinite[edit]

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Target dossier[edit]

HINF BriglardTarget.png
One of the more disturbing reports from recent encounters with the Banished concerns the Unggoy known as Briglard. The grunt gained notoriety near the end of the Covenant War in the Great Schism where his vicious and often sadistic behavior on the battlefield earned him a high-priority target designation by Arbiter 'Vadam’s allied forces. Briglard joined the Banished after the war’s conclusion, where his macabre infatuation with violence - and his affinity for the Jiralhanae, whose ruthlessness inspired his own - has earned him great respect among his peers. He has been known to not just kill UNSC personnel at rates far outstripping other Unggoy, but to do so in horrific and disturbing ways.
Unbound Plasma Pistol icon extracted from Infinite's game files and converted from linear to sRGB colour space.

Weapon: Unbound Plasma Pistol


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