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All Grunts, All the time... Aim for the face.
A group of Grunts in a match of Firefight.

Gruntpocalypse is a gametype in Halo: Reach Firefight where players must kill oncoming waves of Grunts until the Set ends.


Gruntpocalypse is similar to the Bonus Round featured in standard Firefight. In a Gruntpocalypse match, the player faces waves consisting entirely of vast numbers of Grunts instead of the regular sets of enemies.

All loadouts consist of the DMR and Magnum for easy headshots, with different Armor Abilities available.

On default, the grunts spawn on the ground, instead of dropping from covenant Phantoms as enemies in other modes do.

Score Attack[edit]

In score attack, the game consists of 120 Grunts that spawn in 5 waves, with the Catch skull, the custom Red Skull which enhances sight and hearing, the Grunt Birthday Party skull, and the Cloud skull.


  • In Halo: Reach, Gruntpocalypse is regarded as one of the best way to earn a high amount of cR over a relatively short period of time[citation needed].
  • Grunts in this mode are much less likely to run away when injured. However, they will still run if their leaders and allies fall beside them.
  • The game type is deceptively difficult on higher difficulties such as Heroic or Legendary.
  • Every Grunt squad usually has one Grunt with a Fuel Rod Gun or Plasma Launcher; However, it is possible to have an entire wave that doesn't have any heavy weapons at all.
  • The most dangerous Grunts are the Grunt Heavies carrying Fuel Rod Guns, as they can kill you very quickly.
  • Using Armor lock is highly recommended, as this can protect you from Grunt Heavies wielding Fuel Rod Guns, plasma grenades, and Plasma Pistol overcharge shots.
    • On certain maps such as Corvette, Sprint may be a better idea than Armor Lock because it enables the player to obtain extra ammo quickly before the next wave of Grunts spread out.