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The Icon for Juggernaut
The Juggernaut icon.

Juggernaut is a multiplayer gametype available in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo 2: Anniversary, and Halo Infinite. It was originally a version of Oddball in Halo: CE. This was later changed.


  • There are two teams, the Juggernaut alone, and the players hunting him/her.
  • The only person who can earn points is the Juggernaut (hence the title).

Juggernaut is the "Halo" version of tag. Although it resembles Slayer in that one must amass so many points to win, there are two major differences.

The Juggernaut's purpose is to kill as many players as possible in order to amass points. The other players' goal is to kill the current Juggernaut, in order for them to become the next Juggernaut. To counteract the Spartans and Elites out to kill him, the Juggernaut is sometimes aided with overshields, Active camouflage, increased speed, increased damage, increased damage resistance and infinite ammo (not bottomless clip).

Built-in variants[edit]

Halo 2[edit]

Title Description
2 on 1 One player is the Juggernaut, the other 2 are teammates. Only the Juggernaut can score and 10 points wins the game.
3 on 1 One player is the Juggernaut while 3 others are teammates. Only the Juggernaut can score and 10 points wins the game.
Ninjanaut The Juggernaut has active camo and a motion sensor. You don't, so work together to corner him and take him out. 10 points wins.
Phantom Fodder You're invisible but you have no motion sensor. You're being hunted, so watch out! 3 rounds wins, 5 points wins a round.
Dreadnaut The Dreadnaut is an unstoppable beast. Fear him but work together to take him out. 20 kills as Juggernaut wins the game.

Halo 3[edit]

Title Description
Juggernaut Kill the Juggernaut to become the Juggernaut and earn points. 10 points to win.
Mad Dash Juggernaut scores by reaching the destination zones. 5 points to win.
Ninjanaut The Juggernaut is fast, stealthy, and deadly. 10 points to win.

Halo: Reach[edit]

Title Description
Juggernaut If you meet the Juggernaut, kill the Juggernaut.

Halo 2: Anniversary[edit]

Title Description
Juggernaut Work together to take down the Juggernaut. The killer becomes the juggernaut and only the Juggernaut can win.
Ninjanaut The Juggernaut has active camo and a motion sensor, but his time is limited.
Phantom Fodder You're invisible with no motion sensor. Juggernaut is hunting you! Win by getting most kills in the set rounds.
Dreadnaut The Dreadnaut is harder, faster, stronger. Work together to take him out. Get most kills as Juggernaut wins the game.
Multi-Naut Multiple players are Juggernauts. Only the Juggernauts can score.
Naut-Tacular Any players who get a multi-kill become a Juggernaut. No starting juggernauts.
Juggernaut Elimination Everyone's a Juggernaut until killed by a juggernaut, but can steal it back. Game ends when one Juggernaut remains.
Nauticide The player with the most kills becomes the Juggernaut. Any player can score.

General Tips[edit]

  • When you're the juggernaut, it is important to take cover whenever under heavy fire.
  • Try not killing someone just as you become Juggernaut, as you are not Juggernaut until a moment after you kill the Juggernaut, if you do, you may accidentally betray that person, and you might get booted if the betrayal booting option is enabled.
  • Try sticking together in a team.
  • Get to the power weapons before the Juggernaut. (does not apply to the Halo: Reach version)
  • Communicate with your team-mates.


  • Juggernaut was originally planned to be in Halo: CE, under the name "OGRE".
  • As of February 2008, the only Halo 3 playlist including "Juggernaut" is Rumble Pit.
  • Juggernaut is one of the least popular gametypes regarding multiplayer in the Halo trilogy.
  • In Halo 2, you can use the Juggernaut gametype as a type of glitch training simulator by playing as one player and setting all the options that you want like turning up your shields for a glitch that would usually kill you.
  • In Halo: Reach the juggernaut's head is on fire. The Juggernaut is also limited to only a Gravity Hammer and no Armor Abilities but is immune to assassinations and very resistant to damage and EMP bursts.

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