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Total Control
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Total Control is a multiplayer gametype introduced in Halo Infinite, typically played in Big Team Battle.


During a game of Total Control, teams compete to capture and hold areas (typically called "zones" or "sites") in a map. Upon holding all three areas, the team scores a point, and another set of three new areas must be captured. A team wins when it reaches score limit (3 points by default).[1]

Capturing Zones[edit]

Three zones appear on the map, available for players to hold and capture. Two of these zones are typically located near the two teams' respective bases, with the third being located in the middle of the map. To capture a zone, at least one player from a team must be standing within its area for a set duration (10 seconds by default). If a player from an opposing team enters the zone, it becomes contested, and the capture is on halt until only one of the two opposing players remain in the zone. If an enemy's zone is uncontested, a player can capture the zone, but they must first remove the zone from the enemy team's possession and return the zone to a neutral state. If the zone is still in the process of returning to a neutral possession, and an enemy player returns to the zone and removes the player from the zone, the enemy player can "secure" the zone, which returns the zone to the enemy's possession. However, regardless of the capture progress, the enemy player needs to “recapture” the zone by refilling the capture timer by however long it had been reduced. For example, if the player was in an enemy’s zone for 6 seconds, an enemy player needs to secure the zone by standing inside for 6 seconds.


When a team has captured and secured all three zones, it scores a point. Both teams are given a countdown of fifteen seconds until a new set of three zones appear on the map. After another countdown of 5 seconds in which the zones appear, they are available for capture.

Victory Condition[edit]

By default, Total Control games are 15 minutes long, and the team with the most points at the end wins. If there is a tie, the game enters overtime (3 minutes by default), and the team that first scores the next point wins the game.

Supported maps[edit]

Total Control is intended as a Big Team Battle game mode. Subsequently, it is supported by the following maps:

Unlocks and rewards[edit]


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The following medals can be unlocked in the Total Control gamemode.

Icon Name Requirement
Halo Infinite Always Rotating Medal Always Rotating Capture all zones in a single life.


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The following achievements can be unlocked in the Total Control gamemode.

Xbox Steam Title Unlock requirement
Halo Infinite Achievement Control Freak achievement art Halo Infinite Steam Achievement icon for numerous multiplayer-related achievements Control Freak Assist in capturing all zones that lead to a score in a matchmade Total Control game.