Blitz Firefight

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A Blitz Firefight match in progress.

Blitz Firefight is a variation on the Blitz gamemode seen in Halo Wars 2. Like regular Firefight gamemodes, Blitz Firefight is a co-operative PvE wave defense mode, supporting up to three players. The mode can only be played on the map The Proving Grounds. In Blitz Firefight, players must fight to defend the map's three control points from increasingly difficult waves of UNSC and Banished forces. Control points can be captured by simply stationing a unit over it, but will be instantly captured by the enemy if they take it over. If the enemy takes over a point, they will begin scoring points - upon reaching 100%, the match is lost.


The gameplay of Blitz Firefight is very similar to that of regular Blitz. Units are called in as they would be in Blitz, with energy gathered through periodic drops on the map and called via the card hand.


  • Points B and C are the easiest to defend; setting up M400 Kodiaks or Blisterbacks on the hill between the two points will allow artillery to fire down on both positions.