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Dominion is a game mode in Halo 4, in which players compete to capture, fortify, and hold bases from the opposition. A team wins when they reach the score limit (400 points by default[1]) or if they have the highest score when the time limit is reached. Teams can gain an early victory by capturing all of a map's bases and then killing all members of the opposing team.[2]

Rules and playstyle[edit]

Two teams compete to capture bases on the map. A base that is captured and held for a certain time will fortify, activating turrets, shield doors, and other base defenses. Fortified bases are periodically resupplied with new vehicles and Ordnance drops. Points are awarded for each base capture (10 points), fortification (20 points), and resupply (30 points). Bonus XP is awarded to players that kill opponents while near a base.

When one team captures all bases on the map, the other team is forced to make a Last Stand. A team in Last Stand gains Last Stand Traits (which, by default, grant overshields), but loses the ability to respawn. If all members of the team in Last Stand are killed, then the other team wins the round early. However, a team can end their Last Stand and regain the ability to respawn by re-capturing one of the bases on the map.


A player's optimal choice of armor abilities, tactical packages and support upgrades depends on whether they intend to attack enemy-held bases or defend their own.

Mobility's unlimited sprint allows attackers to quickly assault enemy bases (or retreat from a battle thats turning against them), while Stealth and Active Camouflage allows them to flank and infiltrate unseen to eliminate defenders with ease. A Jet Pack will enable attackers to breach bases otherwise inaccessible angles, and to quickly return to the battle following a respawn.

Defenders by comparison should place their focus on detection, protection, and supplies. The sensor upgrade increases the radius of the motion tracker and allows defenders to detect attackers who are further away, allowing for an additional few seconds to prepare. Three armor abilities are particularly useful. Promethean vision allows defenders to see attackers through walls and move to intercept them accordingly, while the Regeneration Field grants defenders extra protection and resilience against assaults. Perhaps the most useful however is the Autosentry. A defender can deploy an autosentry on or near the base capture point to provide much needed deterrence and fire support, and, at the very least, a distraction. Active Camouflage and Stealth can also be useful for base defense, but utilizing such a combination can easily be neutralized by a hail of grenades or other explosives.

Players who rely primarily on vehicles to defend or attack would do well to use the Wheelman package and Gunner upgrade. The latter is also useful for operating the occasional mounted turrets placed within bases, and for moving with them detached for base defense.