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This article is about Halo 4 level. For the Halo Wars level, see Exile (Halo Wars level).
H4 Exile.jpg
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 784-4[1]




Tropical canyon, shanty structures

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

Miraculously, the survivors of the UNSC Diadochi's violent crash managed to not only recover provisions from the vessel's debris field, but also use it as a makeshift shelter for several years. When rescue and recovery teams finally arrived, they were surprised to discover a healthy, burgeoning community thriving within the ship's remains.

Exile is a Halo 4 multiplayer map.


Exile is set at the crash site of the ammunition ship UNSC Diadochi, located on Partition. Parts of the wreckage have been scavenged and reassembled to construct a reinforced base inside the canyon. The area is circular and contains a series of interconnecting caves, with several large, open spaces in between.


The UNSC Didadochi's aft closely resembles that of a Phoenix-class colony ship, though the wreckage is far too small to be a Phoenix. Furthermore, the vessel's hull classification symbol (AE-830) indicates that she was an ammunition ship, while Phoenix-class ships are designated CFV.



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