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Unified Earth Government


Partition is a human colony.


While this planet bordered on UEG trade routes, it remained undetected for centuries. Sometime during the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC Diadochi crash landed on this planet. The survivors lived amongst the ruins of the ship for years until rescue teams finally discovered them, in a thriving community.[1] The planet was eventually named "Partition" in a nod to the Diadochi for which the ship was named.[2]

Sometime after the Human-Covenant War, War Games simulations were made of locations on the planet. One was of the Diadochi crash site called Exile.

Production notes[edit]

Partition is the setting for the Halo 4 multiplayer map Exile. The now-cancelled Halo Online set the map Edge on the planet, with the map hosting a Forerunner databank amidst a verdant series of grasslands, canyons and waterfalls. Due to the game's cancellation, this appearance is non-canon.

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