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Forerunner installation[2]

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Team Slayer

The remote frontier world of Partition has provided this ancient databank with the safety of seclusion.

Edge is a multiplayer map originally developed for and intended for inclusion in Halo Online. In Series 7: Elite, the map was brought into the Halo 3 component of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[3]

Universe and lore[edit]

Edge is set within a Forerunner databank facility located in the face of a cliff on Partition.[2] The facility is situated above a chasm with several waterfalls pouring down into its depths. Within the facility, Constructor Sentinels can be seen maintaining the databanks.



Edge is a small symmetrical map, consisting of two bases, each with four tunnels leading out of them. These tunnels emerge on either side of the map, in two large rooms, which are essentially reflections of each other.

The backdrop of the map, unlike the layout, is not symmetrical. The map is a Forerunner structure built into a cliffside with a partially exposed interior. Therefore, one side of the map takes place outside while the other takes place farther into the Forerunner structure.


Halo Online variant[edit]

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This version of the map came first. Halo Online's gameplay is very different from Halo 3. Naturally, this variant will have a lot of sandbox differences between the Halo 3 version and this version.

The central platform contains a rocket launcher. This platform is also where neutral objectives would spawn.

The exterior big room contains an Energy Sword can be found while the interior big room contains a gravity hammer. Two Type-50 particle beam rifles can be found in these rooms--one in each room.[4]

On the platforms overlooking the center of the map, there are two shotguns.

Halo 3 variant[edit]

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Halo 3's Edge underwent some changes sometime during Halo MCC's flighting. These changes mostly encompass the sandbox.[5]

Universal differences[edit]

Unique to Halo 3 in MCC, the map has seen the inclusion of Silenced SMGs.

Flight testing[edit]

With the map's inclusion in Halo 3, the selection of weapons and equipment on the map have been reworked to fit the Halo 3 weapon sandbox. Notably, the central rocket launcher has been replaced with an overshield, the energy sword replaced with a sniper rifle and the gravity hammer replaced with a rocket launcher.[6]

Full release[edit]

This release changed where a lot of weapons spawned. Notably, there is no longer a central weapon or powerup at all. The big room facing the outside now has the overshield where the sniper rifle used to be and the big room in the interior of the structure still has the rocket launcher. The sniper rifle now appears at the end of the gravity lifts near the bases.

In front of the platforms leading into the middle, there are now two powerups in their locations; a power drain spawns in the interior big room and a bubble shield spawns in the exterior big room. Both pieces of equipment have a weapon holder item underneath them.

The shotguns that were present on the platforms that overlooked the middle platform have been replaced with sentinel beams.

It is also worth noting that the map received some geometry fixes to prevent exploits.[5]

Production notes[edit]

This map was one of many multiplayer maps developed and intended for inclusion in Halo Online. The map was included in the game's public release testing alongside Diamondback, Reactor and Icebox (among a few Halo 3 direct ports). The map was originally intended to release in Series 6: Raven of The Master Chief Collection, added into the game's Halo 3 multiplayer component alongside Waterfall.[3] However, it was ultimately delayed as 343 Industries felt the map needed "fundamental improvements" before being released,[7] with the map being added to The Master Chief Collection as part of Season 7: Elite on June 23, 2021.


This map features Constructors that can be found in the interior big room, flying in a straight line in groups. They are capable of being destroyed.


Halo Online[edit]

Halo 3[edit]


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