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High Charity

The docking spires on High Charity serviced vessels from a hundred worlds and a dozen species

Drydock was a multiplayer map planned to appear in the now-cancelled Halo Online. The map's description indicates that it would have been set within High Charity's docking spires.

Production notes[edit]

Due to the fact that the map was never released for Halo Online, very little is known about it other than its description, which was sourced from the MS30 build of the game, and two potential pieces of concept art, both found within the ArtStation portfolio of concept artist Pavel Belov. The filenames of both images were labeled "dry-dock," implying their connection to the map.[1] Strangely, despite the map's description hinting the setting to be within High Charity's docking spires, neither image appears to feature the Covenant space station and one seems to be of a human drydock instead. It is possible that these concepts were created very early in the map's development, before the location of High Charity was decided upon.



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