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Haven redirects here. For the Halo 4 soundtrack, see Haven (music). For the building on Reach, see Haven arcology.
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Halo 4

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War Games Map_Set/:389-4 [1]


Forerunner solar power facility, Requiem

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Bilayer Forerunner walkways

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Resting high above Requiem’s surface, harmonic-resonance platforms appear to facilitate the monitoring and management of the shield world’s solar preservation system. These elaborate machines enable artificial planets to support their immense populations of indigenous life.

Haven, originally dubbed Wraparound [2] is a symmetrical Halo 4 multiplayer map.[3][4] The map is set in the skies of the Forerunner shield world Requiem, within a facility that powers one of the miniature artificial stars illuminating the interior of the structure. Haven was remade as Mercy in Halo 5: Guardians. [5][6]

Universe and lore[edit]

Main article: Requiem

Many worlds created by the Forerunners play host to vast ecosystems that are ultimately fed by an artificial sun. On the shield world of Requiem, such suns are formed and maintained by a massive grid of harmonic resonance platforms—intricate and powerful structures that are hidden high above the surface of the world and operate in perpetuity in order to ensure it's safety. During the UNSC Infinity's initial scans of Requiem, the technicians captured extremely detailed scans of a number of these structures and, believing that they might be useful during combat situations, sent them to the War Games AI for review and possible integration.[1]



The map has two levels, catwalks and ramps surrounding a large space in the center. Around the outer edge of the map, there are circular hallways connecting either to the map's side areas or man cannons that can be used to access the map's central area.[3]

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Production notes[edit]

Clouds billow past. The sun is blinding. And your mind cannot even begin to comprehend the monstrous scale of the imposing towers that surround you. As your eyes follow the flowing lines of the Forerunner architecture, your body picks up the implied movement and your mind suddenly asks, “Where am I?” The answer comes to you, a subtle whisper hidden within the whistling of the wind: you’re inside a tower, suspended in the atmosphere….[3]

Haven was one of the first maps 343 Industries worked on for Halo 4, along with being one of the first to be completed. Due to the nature of game development, Haven had gone through a couple of design reboots, which didn't alter the core design of the map, but overhauled the visual aspects of it. Over time, Haven became integral in defining Halo 4's Forerunner architecture.

The design philosophy behind the layout of Haven in gameplay is closer to the small, symmetrical arenas seen in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. It was noted that Haven was designed and tuned for competitive play.[3]


  • Certain areas of Haven have sound issues which result in gunshots being heavily distorted - even to the point of being beyond recognition. This is similar to the distortion produced when the player is inside a Regeneration Field.
  • This map is the setting for the cutscene where John-117 speaks with the imprint of the Librarian during the level Reclaimer in the Halo 4 campaign.
  • Haven is approximately 120 meters long.[7]


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