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This article is about the gametype. For other uses, see Headhunter (disambiguation).
Headhunter, as first displayed in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer.

Headhunter is a gametype in Halo: Reach.[1]


Headhunter is a free-for-all gametype in Halo: Reach, where players fight for flaming skulls and return the collected skulls to their designated (but mobile) deposit zone.[1]

To collect skulls, you can either grab the ones that spawn at the start or kill a player. A player with no skulls still drops one at death. When collecting the skulls, players are tagged with a navpoint indicator above their multiplayer models which reveals the amount of skulls collected, even if they are in Active Camouflage.[1] The more skulls the players collect, the bigger a target they are. If a player is killed, all of the skulls will be dropped and opposing players will be able to collect the skulls.[1] In addition, players will not be penalized for carrying the skulls and will be able to access all his/her weapons and abilities. The default game-winning score is 25, though if the player manages to deposit 10 skulls at once, they would obtain a Skullamanjaro. It is important to note that the player will not receive any points until they deposit their skulls into a territory. After a few seconds pass, the deposit zone will start flashing. This indicates that the zone will move in about three seconds, so waste no time depositing your skulls.


  • Headhunter may have been originally planned for Halo 2 as references to Headhunter can be found in the Halo 2 Map Editor Tool.[2]
  • Headhunter was a scrapped game variant for Halo 3. It existed during the Halo 3 Alpha, but was decided to be scrapped before the Halo 3 Beta was released to the public.[citation needed]
  • By default, Headhunter is a free-for-all gametype, however a team-based Headhunter gametype is also available to players.[3]


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