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Solitary 05.jpg
Map overview


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary/Halo Reach[1]


Unknown Forerunner world


Forerunner security spire

Gameplay overview

Recommended number of players:


Recommended gametype(s):

The security spire’s damaged interior only hints at the terrifying power of its previous inhabitant.

Solitary is a multiplayer map included in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for Halo Reach.[2] It is a remake of Prisoner from Halo: Combat Evolved with several alterations to map layout.


These spinning confinement platforms are a testament to the technological prowess of the Forerunners. In the event of a security breach, the facility’s suborbital location and frigid temperature were thought to be able to keep any threat at bay, but it appears those plans were… optimistic.[3]


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Ground Floor
  • Ground Floor Cells
  • Ground Floor Viewing
  • Monolith
  • Lift Room
  • Lower Ramp
  • Observation Deck
  • 2nd Floor
  • Upper Ramp
  • 3rd Floor
  • 3rd Floor Cells
  • Overlook
  • Red Ramp
  • Blue Ramp
  • Red Loft
  • Blue Loft
  • Upper Chamber
  • 4th Floor
  • Security Platform
  • Airborne
  • Lift Room


  • The planet/moon this map is set on seems to be in a multiple star system with five stars.
  • There is a seven reference on this map. There are a total of 14 security spires (14/2=7).