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Outpost redirects here. For the Covenant base facility, see Covenant citadel.
Fight for survival amidst the smoldering ruins.
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Map overview


Halo: Reach

Lore information


Airview Base, Sword Base, Babd Catha Ice Shelf, Reach

Gameplay overview


Rocky glacial hillside, wreckage and debris

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Outpost is a Firefight map in Halo: Reach. It is set near Sword Base and the Babd Catha Ice Shelf, largely melted due to the Covenant's glassing of the area. The layout of Outpost is based on the campaign level The Package.[1]


Outpost is a medium sized Firefight map with plenty of wide open spaces and lots of cover such as boulders, pieces of vehicles and containers that are scattered throughout the field. At one end there is a base and sitting on the left and right of it are two "Tyrant" Cannons, one destroyed and one active. The base has an ammo supply inside and a Turret mounted on the roof. The only vehicle dropped on the map is the Karo'etba-pattern Ghost.


The following are known locations on the map that are so named on the player's HUD during gameplay:

  • ONI Road
  • Deck
  • Base Front
  • Central Fire Zone
  • Wrecked gun
  • Active Gun


  • The building labelled "Deck" is the best camping spot. It has only one way leading to the roof: the stairs. All enemies except for Skirmishers and Sangheili Rangers have to climb the stairs to get to the player(s). This strategy also compensates for the effect of the Black Eye Skull, since the player(s) will most likely use melee attacks on the enemy in close range.
    • Furthermore, the health packs are located at the first floor and back of the building, making it easier to recover health. Also, the frag grenades are spawned on the left side of the roof top while a turret is deployed on the right side.
    • The wall beside the staircase provides cover from the Phantom's turret fire. There is also a combat barrier at the front of the rooftop, which the player(s) can use to shield themselves from sniper fire by crouching in it.
    • Players can replenish their weapons from the ammunition crate located along the building's left wall, the back of the building.
  • The hazard on this map is the Ghost, which can move around fast in the large map. Either use the Target Locator or the Rocket Launcher to destroy it.