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Many call this curious gorge their grave, but early inhabitants left only these outposts behind in memoriam.[1]

Hemorrhage is a map variant of Forge World. It is a remake of Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved with specific elements from Halo 2's Coagulation built into the Canyon.[1] Specifically, the bases are ported from Blood Gulch, while the terrain geometry is a direct port from Halo 2's Coagulation, scaled to match Halo: Reach.

Hemorrhage is featured in the Team Slayer, Team Objective, Multi Team, Big Team Battle, Doubles Arena, Team Snipers and Team Arena playlists.

Weapons and vehicles[edit]

The bases feature a Wraith, a Karo'etba-pattern Ghost, two Warthogs, two Mongooses colored with the base they belong to, and a Rizvum-pattern Revenant. A Plasma Repeater, a Magnum, and a Plasma Pistol are the weapons found inside. A DMR, a Needler Rifle, and a Sniper Rifle are at the top with a health pack. A Shotgun spawns outside the bases, in a pile of rocks. A concussion rifle is located along the edges of the cliffs. A Kopasa'mada-pattern plasma launcher replaces the Rocket Launcher from previous games and is found in the rocks of the center.


A very common strategy is to hide in the rock caves and either snipe with a Sniper Rifle, or with a DMR. Alternatively, one could use a Needle Rifle if playing Elite Slayer.

One would commonly see a Warthog with a gunner circle their enemies' base. This can prove to be rather effective, as players wont be able to leave their base. However, they can stop the Warthog if throwing a precisely thrown grenade at the right time, hopefully flipping the truck, and exposing the occupants to the enemy team.

Also common, when starting a match, whoever gets to drive the Wraith will often "bombard" the enemy team's base or Wraith spawn. However, this is a rather noneffective tactic, as the shots often fall short, doing nothing. Unless a Warthog decides to "dig in" behind a hill, this is not really an effective idea.

Many players will often camp with Shotguns by the teleporters, to stop their enemies from using them.

Sniper Rifles can be used to counter vehicles from getting to close to your base. If you can't destroy an enemy vehicle, try to damage it, it'll make it that much weaker and easier to destroy.


  • The name Hemorrhage is the third reference to blood in the Blood Gulch line of multiplayer maps (the other two being Blood Gulch and Coagulation).
  • There is a glitch on this level that makes grass appear inside the red base. This may, however, be due to the placement of the bases in their current position on the blank Forge World map, given that this was the method used to construct the bases.
  • The canyon itself seems to be based on Coagulation, the terrain type is that of Valhalla, the Halo 3 "spiritual sequel" to Blood Gulch (without the flowing river), while the bases themselves are most similar to those of Blood Gulch.
  • This was used as the Red vs Blue's Halo: Reach introduction.[2]
  • The description of Hemorrhage is a reference to Valhalla, as the descriptions of both state that the level is a "curious gorge"