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Fight to secure the fortified ONI plaza.
Reach FF Courtyard01.jpg
Map overview


Halo: Reach


Outside Sword Base, Reach


Loading area, ONI structures

Gameplay overview

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Courtyard is a Firefight map in Halo: Reach.[1] Courtyard is set in an open courtyard and a loading area outside of Sword Base near the Babd Catha Ice Shelf and is based on the campaign level ONI: Sword Base.


Courtyard is a small sized Firefight map. The map consists of two main areas divided by a bridge in the center. The left side has numerous boxes and containers and features two enemy spawn rooms. The right side is larger and more open. The spawn room is situated in the ONI building and has two exits, one that leads on the upper deck of an outside terrace and one that leads down, under the main bridge. The outside terrace is quite large, with ramps linking the left part, the right part and another one in the middle close to the bridge. The bridge is a small structure in the center which connects the ONI building terrace to another smaller terrace on the other side. That terrace also has two ramps leading to the left and right sides, and an upper thinner terrace on the outskirts of the left part, which can be used to attract enemies in groups for easy multi-kills.


The following are locations on the map that was seen from the player's Heads-up display.

  • Landing
  • Bend
  • Depot
  • Bridge
  • Terrace
  • Bay
  • Base
  • Walkway


  • Stay on the ends of the Bridge on the second floor and use long range weapons such as the DMR to take down the enemies.
  • Alternatively, a good camping spot would be the elevated area of Terrace, since it is close to an ammunition crate, has a good view of the area Landing, and has only two ways into it. The only disadvantage is that players would be quite far away from health packs, but this can be compensated by using the armor ability Drop shield.
  • When the enemies converge on one side, use the Target Locator and target on a moving troop, so the orbital rounds would hit the crowd.


  • Courtyard was one of the playable maps on Gamescom 2010.
  • So far Courtyard is the only Halo: Reach Firefight level to include the Forklift, or any civilian vehicle for that matter.
  • The layout of the map is similar to Windward in Halo 3: ODST, having two open areas separated by a central indoor field.