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Drop shield
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The Drop Shield is a sophisticated UNSC personal defense device, and essentially a more advanced version of the Z-4190 bubble shield employed by the ONI's Beta-5 strike teams.[1]


When activated, the Drop Shield generates a blue-tinted spherical protective energy shield, and also provides a regenerative effect to those within it. The regeneration is a side effect not fully understood by the UNSC, and was still under investigation by 2552.

Unlike the Bubble Shield, the Drop Shield will expire if it takes too much damage.[1] The shield is enabled by a small device attached to the user's back. Once activated, the shield stays in place and seems to operate without a visible emitter of any kind. Like the Bubble Shield, the Drop Shield resembles a geodesic dome, made of tessellating hexagons.


  • The Drop Shield provides one of the Armor Abilities in Halo: Reach.
  • The Drop Shield is remarkably similar to the device used by John-117 in the Starry Night trailer for Halo 3. The shield's coloration is closer to that of the Drop Shield, and like the Drop Shield, is disabled when it takes damage. In addition, the device that generates the shield bears a closer resemblance to the Drop Shield than the Bubble Shield.
  • The Drop Shield's health regeneration also scales with the health recharge of the player, so the faster the player's base health regeneration is, the faster the Drop Shield regenerates it. If the health recharge rate is set to 0%, then the shield will not heal the player at all.
  • The Drop Shield counteracts the effects of a Killball, much like the Bubble Shield from Halo 3.


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