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Shroud Screen
A Shroud Screen module on an equipment pad.
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Post-Covenant War conflicts[2]


The Shroud Screen is a piece of infantry equipment developed for use by the United Nations Space Command. When deployed, the Shroud Screen produces a spherical region intended to block the visibility of hostiles.[3][1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Shroud Screen was developed for use by Office of Naval Intelligence infiltration teams.[4] It functions in a similar manner to the Threat Sensor equipment, consisting of a device fired from a handheld launching mechanism. Upon deployment, the Shroud Screen emits a holographic localised hemisphere which disrupts electro-optical sensors and motion trackers.[4] The opaque blue sphere prevents those outside of the region from both seeing into and past the sphere. The same effect is true for those caught within the sphere—anyone who enters the region cannot see out of it. Additionally, for those within the region, all external sounds become attenuated. On top of this, the Shroud Screen is capable of blocking the sensing capabilities of the motion trackers included in MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.[1][2]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Shroud Screen is a piece of equipment in Halo Infinite, released in Season 03: Echoes Within. Like the Threat Sensor, the Shroud Screen can be fired across considerable distances and will activate after coming into contact with any surface. Unlike the Threat Sensor, however, the Shroud Screen will not become attached to any players or vehicles it lands on. Instead, the Shroud Screen will remain stationary until it deactivates. The spherical region is opaque, preventing players outside of its perimeter from seeing into or past the sphere. Any players within the sphere are likewise prevented from seeing out of it. However, a well-placed Threat Sensor will reveal any enemy players within the sphere. Additionally, the motion trackers of any players within the sphere will cease displaying the positions of nearby enemy players. Also, any external audio experienced while within the Shroud Screen's perimeter will become muffled. Unlike the Bubble shield and Drop shield of previous games, the Shroud Screen does not block any projectiles.[1][2]

Players can by default hold up to four charges of the Shroud Screen in multiplayer.[1][2] The Blind Fire medal can be earned for killing an enemy from within a Shroud Screen.


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