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Quantum Translocator
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The Quantum Translocator is a piece of equipment that allows the user to place a portal at a chosen location and then instantly return through that portal upon activation of the equipment.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Quantum Translocator is a small box-like device developed by the United Nations Space Command with the use of Forerunner technology. Upon initial activation of the Quantum Translocator, a slipspace portal is placed. When the user activates the device a second time, another portal is placed where the user stands and they are instantaneously translocated through the portal, returning to the site of the previous activation. This process can be repeated a number of times, with each activation returning the user to the site of the previous activation.[1][2][3]

Development history[edit]

The Translocator was developed by the UNSC thanks to research and reverse-engineering efforts on translocation systems employed throughout Forerunner installations, and those used by modified Promethean constructs under Created control.[4] While prior efforts with the MX-1050 Quantum Plane Translocation Marker-Local/Hybrid resulted in a device capable of translocating inorganic slipspace crates over small distances, the ability to transport living organisms remained out of reach for some time.[5] Encounters with Promethean forces on Requiem in 2557 later gave the UNSC reason to accelerate their research and development on such prototypes,[6] though development on the prototypes has been slowed due to lack of artificial intelligence research assistance, due to the threats posed by the Created.[5]

Personnel involved in human trials for the Quantum Translocator, such as Haverly, have had mixed success with the technology. In one such test, Haverly disappeared for three hours before reappearing pale and visibly shaken - crying and refusing to speak about his experiences.[6] Despite this, discussion has circulated that the UNSC plans to field-deployed Spartans,[6] though they are still a long way from become standard-issue.[4]

A similar "Teleport" armor ability has also been used in War Games simulations by UNSC Infinity personnel, though its relation to the MX-1050 and Quantum Translocator - if any - and whether the equipment exists outside of the simulations is unknown.


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Quantum Translocator is a piece of power equipment in Halo Infinite released in Season 04: Infection. When the player activates the equipment the first time, a portal is placed at their current location and a "thread" of energy follows them as they move about the map.[2] To signify to the player that they have placed a portal, a glowing energy effect can be seen around the edges of the player's screen. When the player activates the equipment the second time, another portal is created at their location and they are instantly teleported back to the location of the previous portal, allowing them to escape an unfavorable situation. To clue in enemies on where the player went, a "thread" of energy trails back to the location of the portal.[1][2] This process can be repeated several times, with each activation of the Quantum Translocator sending the player back to the location of the previous activation. However, there is a cooldown timer between each activation to prevent players from spamming the ability. Unlike the other power-ups in the game, Overshield and Active Camouflage, the Quantum Translocator can be used more than once per pick-up. Instead, after the first activation of the Quantum Translocator, players may only use the device for a given time limit.[2][3]


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