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A Spartan using the Teleport armour ability.
A Spartan using the teleport, and briefly manifesting as a mote of light while they choose where to reappear on the battlefield.

The Teleport is a UNSC-developed armor ability allowing its user to move across the battlefield using slipspace translocation. Sometime after the Battle of Draetheus V this armor ability was used by the SPARTAN-IVs on board the UNSC Infinity for simulations against the Flood. It was also used in 2557 during a Promethean invasion on New Phoenix.[1]

Whether the Teleport exists outside of Infinity simulators is unknown, as is its relation to the UNSC's MX-1050 Quantum Plane Translocation Marker-Local/Hybrid and Quantum Translocator equipment.


In Spartan Assault, it is used to teleport the player to his teammate. In Spartan Strike, however, the player is transformed into a mote of light and controls where they teleport.[1]

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