Battle Canyon

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Battle Canyon
Battle canyon.jpg
Map overview


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary/Halo Reach[1]


Unidentified Halo ring



Gameplay overview

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The telemetry spires in these canyons help manage the Halo ring’s vast translocation grid.

Battle Canyon is a multiplayer map included in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for Halo Reach.[1] It is a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved's Battle Creek and Halo 2's Beaver Creek.[1] A forge variant with similar title to the Halo 2 version is also available for those who prefer the classic multiplayer map.


The map is set on a Halo ring, within a rocky canyon housing two Forerunner telemetry spire structures which serve as the bases. The spires are key components of the ring's translocation grid.[2]


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • East Terrain
  • Blue Roof
  • Blue Base
  • Blue Teleporter
  • South Perch
  • South Cave
  • North Cave
  • North Perch
  • West Terrain
  • Red Roof
  • Red Base
  • Red Teleporter
  • Creek
  • Rock Arch


  • The celestial object seen in the sky is actually Reach's moon Csodaszarvas. It is likely a mistake.
  • Above the Blue Base's teleport there is a GRD doll. It cannot be picked up in Forge, but explosives and projectiles will dislodge it.
  • A screenshot of Beaver Creek can be found on the bottom of the structure protruding from the top of Red Base (labelled "Red Roof"), at the end of the long red light.