Chiron TL-34

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Chiron TL 34
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Halo: Combat Evolved

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Chiron, Mars

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Indoor training chambers connected by teleporters

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Spartan Clone Training Complex.

Chiron TL-34 is a multiplayer map in Halo: Combat Evolved. The map layout is one of the unique maps in the Halo series and is asymmetrical by design. It is set in Chiron, a space station orbiting Mars.


The multiplayer map consists of nine chambers, each of which connected by a network of teleporters. Due to its asymmetrical design, the chambers are distinct from one another and requires players to be familiar with one chamber from another. Each chamber is small and narrow, but it also offers players covers and hiding spots for them to counter-attack other players. Each teleporter sits at the end of a red hallway, while each red hallway connects to a larger room, some of which being split into hallways by walls in the center of the room.


A map of every room in Chiron TL-34
  • The shotgun and flamethrower are two key weapons in this map due to the map's narrow and cramped layout.
  • When in doubt, throw a grenade at a corner. However, do be aware that certain chambers are small enough to cause the explosion to inflict on yourself as well. Also, do note that you might encourage grenade spamming.
  • If you find yourself at a disadvantage and being chased by another player, run towards a teleporter but throw a grenade before you enter it. The grenade will injure the player as they attempt to enter the teleporter. Wait for them as they exit at the other teleporter, and attack them.
  • If you lose track of an enemy you are pursuing because they have jumped through a teleporter, and you are not sure which, the rooms are often close to each other in proximity, so the motion tracker is useful, to a certain extent, to determine which teleporter they went through.
  • A popular and good but frowned upon strategy is to enter the teleporter that leads to an alcove that is only reachable through the teleporter. As you exit the teleporter, backpedal, and you can hide inside the teleporter, thus, you can sneak attack any enemy that comes through, they will never know where it came from. This works great with a shotgun. There are only two ways to counter this: throw grenades as you walk backwards through the teleporter, or on occasion throw a frag grenade from the ground below, killing him without exposing yourself.
  • Camping in this map is essential for survival-based gametypes.



  • Chiron TL-34 features the largest number of teleporters in all the Halo series multiplayer maps, with 15 sets of two-way teleporters on the map.
  • The sheer number of teleporters historically encouraged camping and repetitive gameplay; this left Chiron with a somewhat poor reputation in the community and especially Bungie itself. During development of the next two games, Bungie staff repeatedly referenced a fictional map called "Chiron TL-35," joking that they were going to remake Chiron TL-34 instead of remaking other, more popular maps.
  • In Greek mythology, Chiron is one of the few noble centaurs who trained Achilles in Greek Mythology. This could also be a reference as the Spartans were believed to have been near invincible, as was Achilles, although Achilles' only weak spot was his ankle, the so-called "Achilles Heel."


  • If timed correctly, the Shotgun can be obtained from the bottom floor of the room in which it is located by jumping underneath of where it spawns and attempting to pick it up. Similarly, the rocket launcher is obtainable using the same method from the chamber containing the assault rifle.
  • There is a glitched teleporter that leads to an alcove that is only reachable through the teleporter. By walking backwards as the player exits, the player can hide inside the glitched teleporter and kill unsuspecting players as they exit.