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Overlook after the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta.
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Halo: Reach

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Visegrad, Reach

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Rugged mountain, grassland

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Fight for fertile ground on a deserted farmyard.

Overlook is a Firefight map in Halo: Reach. Centered around a kiva farm building in Visegrad, it is based on the campaign level, Winter Contingency.


Overlook is a medium-large sized Firefight map. The map is divided into three sections, the barn, the yard, and the enemy drop zone. The yard and the enemy drop zone are divided by a shallow river with a covered bridge and narrow walkway at the edge where the river starts to descend into the canyon. The enemy drop zone is filled with Covenant supply crates and roadblocks and is one of the main sections where the enemies will land. The yard is composed of two parts: the barn's fenced-in courtyard and the center section which extends into the forest. The forest is a small wooded area with numerous rocks and trees and is divided by a small fence from the main section. The main section spans from the river below to the left side of the barn, and has numerous large rocks in the center. To the right is the barn's courtyard, an area filled with crates, hay bales, a hay baler and three sheds. The area also has a large tower which can be accessed with a jetpack and can be used for sniping. The last section, the barn, has two levels: an upper one divided into multiple rooms (the back room which is where the players would enter the barn in the campaign, a middle hallway that leads to the stairs down to the second floor and a smaller room to the right of the hallway that contains a radio and multiple ammo boxes) and a lower room accessed by a stairway from the upper part. The lower floor links to the barn's courtyard and to the center section to the left.


  • When fighting in the area labelled "Yard", watch out for the Wraith's mortar shots.
  • Due to the large area of this map, commandeering the Wraith is quite a good idea, just be careful when troops with heavy weapons are deployed.
  • Use the Target Locator when both Phantoms drop the Covenant troops on the opposite side. Not only would this give one Multi-kill medals, but also reward a lot of points.
  • If this is more than one player, one of them can give sniper support in the higher ground while the other fights on the ground.
  • The ammunition crates are both inside the building, so conserve ammo if necessary.


The following are locations on the map that are so named on the player's heads-up display during gameplay:

  • Barn High
  • Barn Low
  • Yard
  • Rocks
  • Bridge
  • Hill


The radio on this map.
  • Overlook was the only map in the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta to feature a gametype known as Generator Defense.[1]
  • There is a radio conversation between UNSC personnel located in the human facility.
  • Some minor visual changes have taken place since the beta, most notably the addition of a large vertical axis wind turbine, changing the lighting and weather conditions and rearrangement of items in the courtyard.[2]
  • There is a glitch were if the player falls inbetween a rock and two walls, it will say they are out of bounds, but if they player falls in the same place twice it does not always say they are out of bounds.
  • The hazard on this map is the Zurdo-pattern Wraith.