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An Almar-pattern repository.
An Almar-pattern repository.

The Covenant supply case[1][2], also known as an Almar-pattern repository, or informally known as a space crate by UNSC forces,[3][4] is a device used to store weapons and supplies for Covenant encampments.


Design details[edit]

Covenant supply cases encompass a variety of designs and functions,[3][4] with the most common being Almar-pattern repositories; tall rounded boxes with two front and back storage compartments. They come in various colors, ranging from magenta, maroon, and blue.[5][6][7][8]


Supply cases are easily accessible and commonly used to store and transport Covenant munitions. Small arms, rifles, heavy weapons, explosives and other handheld devices are typically found in repositories deployed on the field and areas of Covenant occupation.[9][10][11]

A variant of the supply case resembling the Almar-pattern repository is also used as a Covenant comm node, with control pads and screens extending from both front and back compartments.[12]

Operational history[edit]

Almar-pattern repositories were employed extensively by the Covenant during the Fall of Reach[11] and the subsequent campaigns including the Battle of Installation 04,[12][13] the Battle for Earth,[9][10] the Battle of Installation 05,[9] and the Battle of Installation 00.[14]



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