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Exterior view of the Forerunner detention centre.

Skycrypts are Forerunner structures designed to contain or isolate dangerous beings.[1]


Skycrypts consist of a small, circular building located atop a long, thin pole or chain. Four fin-like structures slowly rotate around the pole directly beneath the main chamber. Given the central pole's apparent lack of structural support, the spires may employ anti-gravity technology to remain aloft.[2]

Skycrypts were generally suspended above ice worlds, and considered virtually inescapable to their detainees. However, they offer little defence against external threats.[1] At least fourteen of these structures were located on an unidentified, icy world - with at least one housing an unidentified occupant suffering a containment failure.[2][3][4]


The Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary multiplayer map Solitary is located within one of these spires.


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