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An illustration of the Crown of Maethrillian.
The Crown prior to being split in two.

Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting: "Where should we begin?"
Splendid-Dust-of-Ancient-Suns: "The, ah, the top fragment. The Crown. What remains of it, at least."
— Bornstellar and Splendid Dust determine where to begin after revisiting the Capital for the first time in centuries after it was ravaged.

The Crown was the topmost fragment of the Forerunner Capital, Maethrillian.


The Crown, along with the other sections of the artificial world, could be locked together in the event of a crisis to form a near-spherical shape. Like the other portions, it also possessed energy shielding capabilities. The Crown was primarily used for storage. In particular, it housed a wealth of unspent slipstream crystals.


Several years prior to the Great Purification in 97,445 BCE, the rouge Contender-class ancilla, 05-032 Mendicant Bias, launched an attack on Maethrillian. In the ensuing battle, the Crown was cracked in two. All operating technology within eventually then ceased to function. Centuries later, a group of Forerunners that survived the Halo Array's firing returned to the Capital with the intention of doing what they could to heal the Domain. Before venturing into the Mysterium, three of these Forerunners first explored the Crown in order to secure any slipstream crystals they could find there. Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting, Glory-of-a-Far-Dawn, and Finder-of-Things-Hidden located a cache of enough slipspace flakes to fuel 10,000 ships for 100,000 years. Of these, they only took a few dozen, however.[1]

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